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The Redux Logo

This is the only official Redux logo.
Don't use any other logos to represent Redux.

It comes in several flavors.

Just the Logo

Redux Logo

Download as PNG or SVG.

Logo with a Dark Title

Redux Logo with Dark Title

Download as PNG.

Logo with a Light Title

Redux Logo with Light Title

(You can't see the text but it's there, in white.)

Download as PNG.


Whenever possible, we ask you to use the originals provided on this page.

If for some reason you must change how the title is rendered and can't use the prerendered version we provide, we ask that you use the free Lato Black font and ensure there is enough space between the logo and the title.

When in doubt, use the original logos.


The Redux logo was designed by Matthew Johnston.
Thanks to Jay Phelps and the community for contributing earlier proposals.


The Redux logo is licensed under CC0, waiving all copyright.
Read the license.