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If you're wondering what this is about, you might be more interested to read about netpd. If you really are interested in running your own netpd-server, this is for you.

NOTE: Please be aware that there is always an instance of the netpd-server running on You don't need to run this yourself for joining a netpd session.

netpd-server.pd is a Pd implementation of the protocol described in It acts as relay for OSC messages sent to and from netpd clients.

How to run your own netpd-server

Make sure you have Pure Data and the necessary libraries (a.k.a "externals") installed. To run this patch, you need the following externals:

  • iemnet
  • osc
  • slip

As of Pd version 0.47 you can easily install externals through the menu 'Help'->'Find externals'. Make sure to install the version suitable for your platform (listed in black color as opposed to grey color).

Once the necessary externals are installed, you can load netpd-server.pd with Pd. Alternatively, you may want to launch Pd from the command-line in nogui-mode, since the patch doesn't provide any way of user interaction:

pd -nogui -open netpd-server.pd

NOTE: netpd-server.pd might also work correctly with Pd-extended using the included mrpeach library instead of the libraries from the list above. However, future support for this setup is not guaranteed.

TCP port

This patch opens a listening socket on the TCP port 3025. In order to successfully use the netpd-server, make sure this port is not blocked by a firewall nor used by another program on the same host.

You can change the default port 3025 by editing the patch. The part that can be edited is high-lighted in the patch. Make sure to save your changes after editing.

Connect clients with your own instance of netpd-server

Clients are pre-configured to connect to, port 3025. If you want them to connect to your netpd-server, your users need to configure their clients accordingly. This can be done through the [pref] ( panel in [chat.pd] ( Correct values for 'IP' (and 'Port', if you changed the default) need to be entered. Those settings can be saved.

Bugs and feature requests

Please report bugs, or send feature requests, to the author, either by mail to or by opening an issue on GitHub.


netpd-server.pd and its abstractions are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See LICENSE.txt for the full text.


netpd-server - Pd patch that connects netpd clients with each other




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