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Implements a GenServer to receive and process sensor events from the RabbitMQ bus. As it is a GenServer you should treat it like a GenServer by using supervision trees and the like.

The basic approach for using this module is to write your own OTP module which "use"'s this module. This produle in turn "use"'s GenServer. All messages from the bus are delivered via info (as opposed to cast / call) so you will need to write handle_info() functions for each sensor type you wish to process.

Any undeclared message-types will emit a message informing you of your lack of treatment. To silence this feature, make your last handle_info() function match all.

When you call start_link/1 to start your GenServer it takes only one arguement, a string for the routing key which, in the CarbonBlack world is the type of event you wish to consume. To consume all, use "#". To consume ingress.event.filemod, use "ingress.event.filemod".

NB: You also need to choose which protobuf file to decode against otherwise you'll get what appears to be corrupt data: * ln -s sensor_events.proto.4 sensor_events.proto # v4 * ln -s sensor_events.proto.5 sensor_events.proto # v5

If you need to consume more than one type but not all you can either: * Specify all in /etc/cb/cb.conf and run multiple GenServers. * Specify only the events you want in /etc/cb/cb.conf and consume all "#"

Minimal Module

  defmodule Cbdemo do
    use Cbserverapi

Usage of said module

  iex> Cbdemo.start_link("#")

Example Processing

  defmodule Cbdemo do
    use Cbserverapi

    def handle_info({
      {:"basic.deliver", _consumer_tag, _delivery_tag, _redelivered, "", "ingress.event.procstart"},
      {:amqp_msg, {:P_basic, "application/protobuf", _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _},
      binary}}, state) do
      ds = %Cbprotobuf.CbEventMsg{
        env: %Cbprotobuf.CbEnvironmentMsg{
          endpoint: %Cbprotobuf.CbEndpointEnvironmentMsg{
            HostId: _, SensorHostName: sensorhostname, SensorId: sensorid
      } = Cbprotobuf.CbEventMsg.decode(binary)

From this point you can pattern-match any data you need from the headers or the ds datastructure. Enjoy!

See Also:

* Cbserverapi - The GenServer you 'use'
* Cbserverapi.Creds - Extracts credentials from config/config.exs
* Cbprotobuf - Provides supporting functions to decode protobuf-formatted binary data into records.


Elixir API for the Carbon Black MQ bus




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