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@jtoar jtoar released this 24 Nov 07:29
· 1072 commits to main since this release

Service Caching

This release introduces Service Caching! Now you can cache below the GraphQL layer at the Service level. Once you've upgraded, you can get started by using the cache setup command for the client of your choice (memcached or redis):

yarn rw setup cache memcached
yarn rw setup cache redis

@cannikin made a brand-new video to show you what it's all about: (and wrote docs for good measure). We'll also have a special edition of Redwood Office hours dedicated to Service Caching December 1st. Register on Discord or using this link:


Unique contributors: 9

PRs merged: 18



  • fix(deps): update dependency fastify to v4.10.2 [security] #6936
  • fix: print notes straight to stdout #6871 by @jtoar
  • fix: add missing jsonDisplay function to formatters.tsx.template #6902 by @Josh-Walker-GM


  • chore: publish canary using premajor #6794 by @jtoar
  • chore(generate): refactor how page tests are written #6825 by @dac09
  • chore(generate): refactor layout generator tests for performance #6826 by @dac09
  • chore(generate): refactor functions generator tests for performance #6827 by @dac09
  • chore(generate): update scaffoldPath test #6828 by @dac09
  • chore: add branch strategy tooling #6857 by @jtoar
  • chore: fix rebuild test-project fixture by passing --no-git #6861 by @jtoar


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