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GET request to change data? #2

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Hi again

It's not really a bug, just me being picky. I do a lot of REST work these days, and find it helps me read my project after a heavy weekend, if I keep to the HTTP spec: so I like to use 'POST' to update records.

So...would it be possible to have the method used configurable, rather than set to GET?

I've been using the event callbacks so far.



Ah, sorry - not hello 'again' - this is my first comment on this Mootools inline editor! I had been commenting before on another one...


Yeah, I have this feature somewhere in a local branch. I needed it in order to get the control to work with Never merged it into master because I didn't think anyone else needed it, but will do so now. Standby for a few days and will put this feature in.


@reednj reednj closed this
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opp :/ accidenatlly closed the issue. Will close when the new commit is in.

@reednj reednj closed this issue from a commit
@reednj Closes #2. Ability to send requests in different methods
Added Methods:
 + POST: standard html form post style parameters
 + JSONPOST: post the object as a json string. Useful for [WebMethod]'s
@reednj reednj closed this in eed3278
@reednj reednj reopened this
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