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Semi-modal view & DatePicker for IOS
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Include like this:

#import "TDSemiModal.h"

In order to show up your own modal view, just do this:

[self presentSemiModalViewController:newview];

And to hide:

[self dismissSemiModalViewController:newview];

A semi transparent 'cover' will be automatically put in to stop the user from interacting with the UI behind, so I recommend you set the background on your view to completely transparent.

Obviously you can create whatever semi-modal view you want, but a datepicker must be one of the most common usages, so I knocked up a class for that too.


This project also contains a datepicker view based off the TDSemiModal class.

The datepicker is quite simple to use - just create and display as before:

#import "TDDatePickerController.h"
TDDatePickerController* datePickerView = [[TDDatePickerController alloc]
datePickerView.delegate = self;
[self presentSemiModalViewController:datePickerView];

Then you just need to catch the following actions in your delegate when the date is actually selected:

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