A demo repoze.bfg website using deform and mongodb
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ZPUGDC deform demo website


rav·el: [rav-uhl]

verb. rav·eled also rav·elled, rav·el·ing also rav·el·ling, rav·els also rav·els

verb tr.
  1. To separate the fibers or threads of (cloth, for example); unravel.
  2. To clarify by separating the aspects of.
  3. To tangle or complicate.
verb intr.
  1. To become separated into its component threads; unravel or fray.
  2. To become tangled or confused.
  1. A raveling.
  2. A broken or discarded thread.
  3. A tangle.

No, Really What is it?

An app demonstrating the use of deform with repoze.bfg and MongoDB. It may or may not be of any use beyond that of demonstration.


At the time if this writing I am running on development eggs for colander, deform src, perppercorn, pymongo and lumin and of course this package ravel. You can get whatever you are comfortabel with. (I think all of the relased packages should work at the time of this writing).

Installation should theoretically be as simple as getting the source and perfroming setup.py [install|develop] on it.

I will elicit the steps performed by me:

  1. Setup a virtualenv and activate it (activation azzumes you are using bash or a bash compatible shell)
$ /usr/local/python/2.7.0/bin/virtualenv /usr/local/dev/zpug_demo_env --no-site-packages --distribute $ . /usr/local/dev/zpug_demo_env/bin/activate
  1. Make development eggs for the src you have checked out
$ for dir in peppercorn colander deform mongo-python-driver repoze.bfg lumin ravel; do cd ../$dir && /usr/local/dev/zpug_demo_env/bin/python setup.py develop; done
  1. See if it runs
$ paster serve ravel.ini

You call this documentation?

No. There may or may not ever be more documentation in docs/index.rst.