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Commits on Feb 14, 2013
  1. @bjorng

    Update primary bootstrap

    bjorng authored
  2. @bjorng

    Update deprecation message for gs

    bjorng authored
    Too late now to remove gs in R16.
  3. @bjorng

    Merge branch 'bjorn/stdlib/filelib-wildcard/OTP-10812'

    bjorng authored
    * bjorn/stdlib/filelib-wildcard/OTP-10812:
      Remove special case handling "-" at the beginning of a charset
      Optimize character sets using gb_sets
      Clean up and simplify the inner matching loop
      Only sort the result list once, just before returning
      Replace filename:join/2 with '++'
      Rethink the filelib:wildcard() functions
      Don't redefine error/1
      Don't allow binaries as the Cwd argument for filelib:wildcard()
      Don't handle binaries from file:list_dir/1
      Strengthen test suite
  4. @bjorng

    Merge branch 'bjorn/stdlib/types'

    bjorng authored
    * bjorn/stdlib/types:
      Make the file:filename() type more restrictive
      c: Remove handling of binaries in return from file:list_dir/1
  5. @IngelaAndin

    Merge branch 'ia/ssh/derived-file-in-git'

    IngelaAndin authored
    * ia/ssh/derived-file-in-git:
      ssh: Remove derived file from git
  6. @IngelaAndin
  7. @bjorng

    Merge branch 'bjorn/remove-tuple-funs/OTP-10170'

    bjorng authored
    * bjorn/remove-tuple-funs/OTP-10170:
      si_sasl_supp: Eliminate use of tuple fun
      pman: Eliminate use of tuple fun
  8. @bjorng

    Merge branch 'bjorn/remove-packages/OTP-10348'

    bjorng authored
    * bjorn/remove-packages/OTP-10348:
      edoc: Fix building of documentation in sub directories
  9. @IngelaAndin

    Merge branch 'ia/ssl/transport-cb-and-inet/OTP-10847'

    IngelaAndin authored
    * ia/ssl/transport-cb-and-inet/OTP-10847:
      ssl: Generalize cb_info option
  10. Merge branch 'hb/stdlib/extend_ts/OTP-10836'

    Hans Bolinder authored
    * hb/stdlib/extend_ts/OTP-10836:
      Extend ~ts to handle binaries with characters coded in ISO-latin-1
  11. Merge branch 'hb/kernel/application_bug_fix/OTP-10754'

    Hans Bolinder authored
    * hb/kernel/application_bug_fix/OTP-10754:
      [kernel] FIx a bug that could cause crash with wrong reason
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
  1. @sverker

    Merge branch 'sverk/nif-cut-timeslice'

    sverker authored
    * sverk/nif-cut-timeslice:
      erts: Add enif_consume_timeslice
  2. @sverker
  3. @psyeugenic

    Merge branch 'egil/enhance-mseg-cache/OTP-10840'

    psyeugenic authored
    * egil/enhance-mseg-cache/OTP-10840:
      erts: Utilize even more cached sbc segments
      erts: Prefer sbc segment caching over mbc segments
      erts: Segment allocator CircleQ API
      erts: Increase default #cached segments to 10
      erts: Evict old cached segments for newer ones
      erts: Refactor mseg cache
  4. @sverker

    Merge branch 'sverk/efile_drv-memleak'

    sverker authored
    * sverk/efile_drv-memleak:
      erts: Fix documentation about 10 default async threads.
      erts: Fix memory leak in efile_drv.c
  5. @psyeugenic
  6. @garazdawi

    Merge branch 'lukas/erts/add_sha_to_shell_title/OTP-10838'

    garazdawi authored
    * lukas/erts/add_sha_to_shell_title/OTP-10838:
      Include git sha in prompt if available
  7. @garazdawi

    Include git sha in prompt if available

    garazdawi authored
    The sha will only be included if there is no tag
    starting with OTP_R* associated with the sha. This
    is because we do not want the sha to show on offical
  8. @bjorng
  9. @bjorng
  10. @gustehn

    Merge branch 'nk/jinterface_dont_compress_if_size_increased/OTP-10822'

    gustehn authored
    * nk/jinterface_dont_compress_if_size_increased/OTP-10822:
      jinterface, OtpOutputStream: add a write_compressed(object, level) method
      jinterface: fix a memory leak
      jinterface: new limited OutputStream implementation without the need to resize
      jinterface: don't return compressed external term if bigger than uncompressed
      jinterface: don't compress small erlang terms < 5 bytes
      jinterface, OtpOutputStream: properly override the three write() methods to ensure our growth strategy
      jinterface: fix typo in error message if encoding fails
      jinterface: don't need another FilterOutputStream wrapper
  11. @garazdawi

    Merge branch 'saleyn/float_to_list_2/OTP-10837'

    garazdawi authored
    * saleyn/float_to_list_2/OTP-10837:
      Fix memory leak in error case
      Use macros instead of constants
      float_to_list/2 changed rounding and cosmetic cleanup
  12. @garazdawi
  13. @garazdawi

    Use macros instead of constants

    garazdawi authored
    This is needed as C90 (and therefore the win32 compiler) does
    not allow constants to be calculations based on other constants.
  14. Extend ~ts to handle binaries with characters coded in ISO-latin-1

    Hans Bolinder authored
    Make sure io_lib:fwrite() with a format string including "~ts" does
    not crash when given binaries that cannot be interpreted as
    UTF-8-encoded strings.
    We want to avoid crashes caused by excessive use of the 't' modifier.
  15. @bjorng

    Remove special case handling "-" at the beginning of a charset

    bjorng authored
    We don't need this special case, since "-" is only special between
    two other characters.
  16. @bjorng
  17. @bjorng

    Clean up and simplify the inner matching loop

    bjorng authored
    Use list comprehensions and 'orelse' to make the code more concise.
    Rename wildcard_5/2 to match_part/2 to make it clearer what it does.
    If the pattern always matches, don't test it in every iteration of
    the loop.
  18. @bjorng

    Only sort the result list once, just before returning

    bjorng authored
    There does not seem to be any advantage of sorting the result of
    file:list_dir/1 directly. Disadvantages are that we'll need to be
    careful to keep the result sorted, and that we could waste time
    sorting filenames that the pattern matching will discard anyway.
  19. @bjorng

    Replace filename:join/2 with '++'

    bjorng authored
    Under controlled circumstances (and we are in control of the
    circumstances), filename:join/2 can be replaced with '++'.
    '++' is faster because it is implmented in C, does not need to
    look at the list elements it copies, and does not need to copy
    its right operand.
  20. @bjorng

    Rethink the filelib:wildcard() functions

    bjorng authored
    Commit 70b5e24 broke
    filelib:wildcard(Pattern, ".").
    Over the years, the logic for filelib:wilcard() has become a mess
    of special cases.
    Probably because of premature optimization, filelib:wildcard(Pattern)
    and filelib:wildcard(Pattern, Cwd) are handled differently.
    They can be consolidated if we use a "." as the default Cwd argument.
    We can also simplify things by compiling the Cwd argument into the
    wildcard. We did not that in the initial implementation because it
    used to be possible to pre-compile a wildcard and pass it to
    filelib:wildcard/{1,2}. Since that is no longer possible, there is
    no point in keeping the compiled wildcard "portable" (not dependent
    on the Cwd argument).
  21. @bjorng

    Don't redefine error/1

    bjorng authored
    It is confusing. Rename our own exception-generating function to
  22. @bjorng

    Don't allow binaries as the Cwd argument for filelib:wildcard()

    bjorng authored
    filelib:wildcard() will no longer support "raw filenames", so it
    makes no sense for it to accept a binary Cwd argument.
  23. @bjorng

    Don't handle binaries from file:list_dir/1

    bjorng authored
    In R16B, file:list_dir/1 will never return binaries.
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