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Job Description

Question 1

Write a paragraph about yourself, your hobbies and your major achievements in your career or study so far. Add another one about your professional experience and commercial projects you've been involved with.

Question 2

How would you implement a feed generator for a specific user, based on their upvotes and the authors they follow.

The data are represented with these classes:

  - name

  - name

  - author
  - title
  - published_on

  - user
  - book

  - user
  - author

You need to implement the retrieve method, which should get a list of books in the right order.

class Feed
  def initialize(user)
    @user = user

  def retrieve
    raise NotImplementedError

You don't necessarily need a database, or a framework to build this feed generator, you can provide an example with plain ruby objects. You can use a tool like Faker to build objects. [bonus] The feed could have a refresh method to retrieve the new books.

Question 3

Implement a Payment Factory to process payments with multiple adapter (Stripe, Paypal, etc...). Your code should respect SOLID principles as much as possible. Provide only the design without any concrete methods implementation.

Question 4

With the previous data schema (question 2), with a list of genres for each books, how would you build a recommendation system. What kind of dependencies, tools or algorithms you would like to use?

Question 5 (bonus)

Provide a simple implementation for recommendations in question 4.

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