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Reef Chain

Reef chain is written in Rust. A basic familiarity with Rust tooling is required.

To learn more about Reef chain, please refer to Documentation.


To clone the repo with its submodules run:

git clone --recursive

Rust Setup

If you don’t have Rust already, you can install it with:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

You can install developer tools on Ubuntu 20.04 with:

sudo apt install make clang pkg-config libssl-dev build-essential

You can install the latest Rust toolchain with:

make init

Start a development node

The make run command will launch a temporary node and its state will be discarded after you terminate the process.

make run

Run a persistent single-node chain

Use the following command to build the node without launching it:

make build

This command will start the single-node development chain with persistent state:

./target/release/reef-node --dev

Purge the development chain's state:

./target/release/reef-node purge-chain --dev

Start the development chain with detailed logging:

RUST_LOG=debug RUST_BACKTRACE=1 ./target/release/reef-node -lruntime=debug --dev

Run tests

make test

Run benchmarks

Run runtime benchmark tests:

make bench

Run module benchmark tests:

cargo test -p module-poc --all-features

Run the module benchmarks and generate the weights file:

./target/release/reef-node benchmark \
    --chain=dev \
    --steps=50 \
    --repeat=20 \
    --pallet=module_poc \
    --extrinsic='*'  \
    --execution=wasm \
    --wasm-execution=compiled \
    --heap-pages=4096 \

Run in debugger

make debug

Embedded docs

Once the project has been built, the following command can be used to explore all parameters and subcommands:

./target/release/reef-node -h

Release builds

To list all available release builds run:

git tag

To create a corresponding production build, first checkout the tag:

git checkout testnet-1

Then run this command to install appropriate compiler version and produce a binary.

make release

On-Chain upgrade builds

Build the wasm runtime with:

make wasm

Fork reef-chain

You can create a fork of a live chain (testnet / mainnet) for development purposes.

  1. Build binary and sync with target chain on localhost defaults. You will need to use unsafe rpc.
  2. Execute the Make command ensuring to specify chain name (testnet / mainnet).
make chain=testnet fork
  1. Now run a forked chain:
cd fork/data
./binary --chain fork.json --alice