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@@ -19,17 +19,21 @@ If the pause last more than 5 minutes, it'll upload to Runkeeper the:
* Total Distance
* Elapsed Time
-for the current session.
+for the current session. From this, Runkeeper computes the average speed, pace and
+total calories burned.
## Usage
Plug the ethernet cable and the USB/Power cable in.
-The Arduino will display its IP address and the current UTC time that it obtained via NTP.
+The Arduino will beep once it has obtained the current time and is ready for
Pedal away and it'll display the current speed while cycling between the total distance. average speed and elapsed time.
Stop pedaling for ~ 15 seconds and the pause screen will come up. 60 seconds, the lcd's backlight will be switched off. 5 minutes and it'll end the session and upload the result or discard the session if the "valid activity" threshold hasn't been reached.
+It'll beep every 5km by default.
To start a new session, just use the bike again, it'll start over.
## In action
@@ -93,4 +97,4 @@ Now, in a shell:
Please note that the 'redirect_uri' needs to the be exact same one as before.
-It'll then give you the access token you can use in your Arduino's code.
+It'll then give you the access token you can use in your Arduino's code.
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