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Quake II 4.20 to 4.21
- Fix several segfaults with OpenAL. (reported by
Joran and mxmvasilyev0)
- Add a file CONTRIBUTE.
- Some minor changes to the Makefile.
Quake II 4.10 to 4.20
- Add an options framework to allow disabling most
option features (OGG/Vorbis, ZIP file loading,
OpenAL, etc) at compile time.
- Integrate OpenAL support, enabling surround sound
and better stereo sound calculations.
- Enforce the "C" locale to prevent libraries like
broken LADSPA plugins to override it and break
printf, scanf, etc.
Quake II 4.03 to 4.10
- Change the behavior of hotkey menus to fix some
strange bugs and memory leaks in the menu system.
- Add the "gl_farsee" cvar. When set to "1" Quake II
renders maps up to 4096x4096 units instead of being
limited to 2300x2300. The default is "0". (by Richard
- Add support for the high resolution retexturing pack.
- Reenable support for gamma via SDL, since the upstream
bug was fixed with SDL 1.2.15. Gamma via X11 can be
forced by defining X11GAMMA at compile time.
- Add support for big endian architectures and enable
the build on SPARC64 CPUs. (by Kieron Gillespie)
Quake II 4.02 to 4.03
- Fix wrong function call in the Quake II file system.
- Fix gl_ext_multitexture set to 1. (reported by Richard Allen
and Lukas Sabota)
- Print the version number in the window title.
Quake II 4.01 to 4.02
- Fix a linker problem manifesting only on Ubuntu.
Quake II 4.00 to 4.01
- Fix a linker problem.
- Fix a problem with displaying the version number.
Quake II 3.00 to 4.00
- A major rewrite of the savegame system.
- Add a crash handler, printing a backtrace on Linux platforms.
- Add support for system wide installations.
- ctf was moved into a separate download.
- All open bugs were fixed.
- Fix spawnpoint selection if single player maps are loaded via console.
- Rename ~/.quake2 to ~/.yq2 to ease parallel installation with other
Quake II clients.
- The client does no longer crash if the menu is opened while connecting
to remote server.
- The game code received a code audit and major rework.
Quake II 3.00RC2 to 3.00
- Improve compatiblity with pulseaudio (by Ozkan Sezer)
Quake II 3.00RC1 to 3.00RC2
- Many improvements to the OGG/Vorbis support. (by Ozkan Sezer)
- The map command now works even when a server is running.
Quake II 2.11 to 3.00RC1
- Complete refactoring and code audit of the client, leading
to much cleaner and more maintainable code and improved
- Fixed a wrong cast under linux. This could result in
sudden crashes.
- Reworked the input system.
- Much improved console tab completion.
- Better TTY output of the startup and shutdown.
- More reliable shutdown of the client.
- Plugged a memory leak in the quake file system.
- Major rework of the sound system:
- A lot of bugfixes for the upper layer.
- Simplified code and removed crap from the 90ies.
- Rewrote the low level backend from scratch.
- Major rework of the refresher:
- Added multitexturing and paletted textures back (this was
requested by many, many people).
- Rewrote the SDL backend.
- Reimplemented the gamma control using native X11 calls.
This should fix the gamma for all setups.
- Support for overbright bits.
- Changed the window title to "Yamagi Quake II".
Quake II 2.10 to 2.11
- Fix a bug in the client. This fixes the strange crashes
under Ubuntu. (Reported by many, special thanks to jhansonxi
for his help)
- Add a null pointer check in cl_view.c. This fixes a rare
case crash in Ground Zero when files are missing. (by Sascha K.)
- Add a script as possible work around for Ubuntu bug 32452 (by caedes)
Quake II 2.10RC3 to 2.10:
- Fix blending
Quake II 2.10RC2 to 2.10RC3:
- The refresher uses OpenGL 1.4 not 1.0
- Saner standard configuration
- Fix a bug when a video follows a video (like in Ground Zero)
- Fix a crash when enabling OGG/Vorbis in the menu
- Fix a crash when changing level after deactivating
OGG/Vorbis playback
- Do not show the gun symbol when fov is bigger than 91 and
cl_gun is set to 2
Quake II 2.10RC to 2.10RC2:
- Fix a problem with machine gun soldiers deadlocking
- Change CFLAGS to a saner default
- Quake II now creates ~/.quake2 if it doesn't exist (reported
by N. Tsakiris)
- Slightly better game performance (~10 FPS)
Quake II 2.00 to 2.10RC:
- Automagical releases the mouse when the console is opened
- Increased the maximal amount of file descriptores from 64
to 256. This should fix some very rare crashes with 'The
Reconing' and possible similar problems with mods.
(reported by E. Müller)
- Support for custom resolutions (by caedes and Yamagi)
Quake II 1.05 to 2.00:
- Ogg/Vorbis Support as an optional replacement for the
CD playback
- Support for hardware gamma via SDL
- Support for grabbing the mouse
- Some bugfixes
Quake II 1.04 to 1.05:
- Fix slowdown with CD music under Linux (by caedes)
Quake II 1.03 to 1.04:
- Added icon (by caedes)
- Added README
- Removed duplicated file