A drop-in, non-distributed, replacement for Storm in Kotlin aimed for low latency requirements
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A drop-in, non-distributed, replacement for Storm in Kotlin aimed for a sparse processing stream with low latency requirements.

In comparison to Storm, Kumulus is optimized for low end-to-end latency rather then high throughput.

As opposed to Storm that creates at least a single thread per bolt, Kumulus uses a constant size thread pool.

Possible scenarios to use Kumulus:

  • You think you would need to use Storm in the future, but don't have a way to justify the kind of cluster it takes to use Storm today.
  • You have huge topologies that can't be run on developer machines and are looking for a way to achieve that
  • You have low latency requirements and don't imagine needing to shard your topology across multiple machines

Include via maven


Use by initializing a regular Storm topology via org.apache.storm.topology.TopologyBuilder and produce a StormTopology object. Use it to transform the topology into a KumulusTopology, and run it in-process.

val builder = org.apache.storm.topology.TopologyBuilder()

val config: MutableMap<String, Any> = mutableMapOf()

builder.setSpout("spout", Spout())
builder.setBolt("bolt", Bolt())

val kumulusTopology = KumulusStormTransformer.initializeTopology(
        builder.createTopology(), config, "topology_name")

Or from Java:

TopologyBuilder builder = new TopologyBuilder();

Map<String, Object> config = new HashMap<String, Object>();

builder.setSpout("spout", new Spout());
builder.setBolt("bolt", new Bolt())

KumulusTopology kumulusTopology =
            builder.createTopology(), config, "topology_name");

Latency histograms produced by passing 100,000 (10% warm-up) tiny tuples into the fairly simple topology defined in KumulusStormTransformerTest:

Storm 1.0.4

5.0 (4512): 0.081ms
25.0 (22515): 0.126ms
50.0 (45501): 0.172ms
75.0 (67549): 0.211ms
90.0 (81003): 0.246ms
95.0 (85555): 0.269ms
98.0 (88203): 0.297ms
99.0 (89114): 0.321ms
99.9 (89910): 0.721ms
99.99 (89991): 5.035ms

Processed 100000 end-to-end messages in 109097ms


5.0 (16148): 0.01ms
25.0 (28869): 0.011ms
50.0 (53048): 0.014ms
75.0 (68302): 0.018ms
90.0 (81416): 0.029ms
95.0 (85758): 0.037ms
98.0 (88673): 0.04ms
99.0 (89207): 0.043ms
99.9 (89913): 0.064ms
99.99 (89991): 0.281ms

Processed 100000 end-to-end messages in 2813ms

Startup time was not included in the test results. Naturally, Storm's startup times are significantly higher in local-cluster mode.

Licensed under Apache 2.0