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Andrew Jenner's various personal projects
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2adic CGA calibration work
4to8 Handle, Stream, Array, String
8088 More Protocols
8x305 Rename *Template<void> to *T<void>
8x305_rom CRTC rewrite
alfe Put type of funco on a sounder footing
bbc_video MuT design
berapa More clocked components
codec Handle, Stream, Array, String
collage Rename Unity to alfe
crc32 Handle, Stream, Array, String
crtsim CGA calibration work
digger XT Server improvements
euclids_orchard Rename Unity to alfe
fractals Function overloading
image_resample VCR decoder timebase correction
include/alfe Fanout dynamic connectors, building and running on Linux
intervals Persistence and Config simplification
make_table MuT design
multifunction Mostly ALFE work
ntsc Handle, Stream, Array, String
oscilloscope Type conversions
perceptual CGA calibration work
piecewise Bits and pieces from Sundown 2013
primes Rename Unity to alfe
ravioli Added mandel_quadtree
riscos2 ISA bus sniffer working
run_random Various bits and pieces
strobe Attribute clash
test Fix Handle
todo Added mandel_quadtree
tone_matrix Handle, Stream, Array, String
vcr_decode Rename *Template<void> to *T<void>
vga_157 VGA 15.7kHz update Create
UNLICENSE Release into public domain
hierarchy_skeleton.cpp Finished reducing dynamic casts
reenigne.sln Rename Unity to alfe
scratch.txt Release into public domain
skeleton.cpp CGA Calibration

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