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Andrew Jenner's various personal projects
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2adic CGA calibration work
4to8 Fix Handle
8088 capture_live improvements
8x305 CGA gamut viewer
8x305_rom CRTC rewrite
bbc_video MuT design
berapa CGA gamut viewer
codec CGA calibration work
crc32 Fix Handle
crtsim CGA calibration work
digger XT Server improvements
euclids_orchard Rename Unity to alfe
fractals XT Server
image_resample ALFE identifiers
include/alfe capture_live improvements
intervals Fix Handle
make_table MuT design
multifunction Mostly ALFE work
oscilloscope Type conversions
perceptual CGA calibration work
piecewise Bits and pieces from Sundown 2013
primes Rename Unity to alfe
run_random Various bits and pieces
strobe Attribute clash
test Fix Handle
todo Added mandel_quadtree
tone_matrix Mostly ALFE work
vga_157 VGA 15.7kHz update Create
UNLICENSE Release into public domain
hierarchy_skeleton.cpp CGA Calibration
reenigne.sln Rename Unity to alfe
skeleton.cpp CGA Calibration

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