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Highly performant version of open-text-summarizer
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This is an adaptation of Open-Text-Summarizer (aka ots) with
mean optimizations for a faster output.

Original work:
Github version:


$ ./configure [--prefix=/usr/local/summarizer/]
$ make
$ [sudo] make install


Summarizer command line application

$ [prefix]/bin/summarizer -i <file-to-summarize> -r <summary-ratio>

Start/stop summarizer daemon

$ sudo service summarizerd start
$ sudo service summarizerd stop
$ [prefix]/bin/summarizerd -h (for command line options)

Performance Comparison

System: 1 VCPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD

Article: washingtonpost1.txt
ots: between 40ms and 50ms
summarizer: between 10ms and 12ms

Article: washingtonpost2.txt
ots: between 40ms and 50ms
summarizer: between 8ms and 10ms


Languages: English only (as of now)

Daemon protocol

NOTE: Refer src/daemontest.c for sample client application


[2 bytes] Summarizerd protocol [Accepted: 0x1421]
[2 bytes] Summarizerd version  [Accepted: 1]
[4 bytes] Ratio ("Read" as float by daemon: refer daemontest.c)
[4 bytes] Document name length [Max: 256]
[N bytes] Document name (as long as above field's value)


[2 bytes] Summarizerd protocol [Accepted: 0x1421]
[2 bytes] Summarizerd version  [Accepted: 1]
[4 bytes] Status code [0: summary, 1: bad request, 2: internal error]
[4 bytes] Length of summary (if status == summary)
[N bytes] Summary (as long as above field's value)


Summarizerd supports multiple command line options to tweak its config. Here
are the config options:

*  Number of worker threads to use
*  Number of clients to keep in listening queue
*  Socket port to listen on
*  Log/PID files, logging level
*  For debugging, foreground mode can be used

Enter '$ [prefix]/bin/summarizerd -h' for all the options


*  The etc/summarizerd init script is hardcoded to use /usr/local/summarizer
   as the default prefix
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