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This is github-like theme for Redmine.
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Redmine Reevo theme (based in gitmike theme)

This is github-like theme for Redmine. It is based on gitmkike theme and A1 theme version 1.0.3 by Kirill Bezrukov

![gitmike screenshot][screenshot1]


cd sass
compass watch


cd sass
compass compile -e production --force



Original Change Log

  • r6 2013/11/23: Dashboard (@n-rodriguez). Fixed some issues #6 #7 #8 and #10 reported from @statschner
  • r5 2013/07/21: Improvement Forms
  • r4 2013/07/12: Tested in Redmine 2.3. Updated to look like GitHub. Added assing_to and author column style on Issue Table when login user's one by @chocoby.
  • r3 2013/01/16: Tested in Redmine 2.2. Added count style and changed priority-{#id} to priority-{position_name} on Issue Table.
  • r2 2012/09/20: Removed Japanese font style in master branch, and added ja branch for Japanese.
  • r1 2012/04/12: Supported Redmine 1.3.2
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