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Command line switches

  • -t or --timeout: Specify a timeout duration. Use the format 00h00m00s. All elements are optional, as long as at least one is provided. Time periods other than hours, minutes, and seconds are not supported.
  • -m or --minimize: Starts the application in a minimized state.

Example Timeout Durations:

  • NoDoz -t 8h47m22s
  • NoDoz -t 8h
  • NoDoz -t 47m22s
  • NoDoz -t 47m
  • NoDoz -t 22s

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Esc: Minimize to system tray.
  • X: Exit the application.
  • H: Open the NoDoz wiki.

System Tray Icon

  • Left Click: Open the main window.
  • Right Click: Display the remaining time as a tooltip.
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