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Autogenerate a not-really-but-sort-of-Flatpak for Chrome. The catch? It's actually run on the host, via flatpak-spawn --host; therefore:

  • You need libXScrnSaver installed. If you're on Silverblue, you can layer it easily via rpm-ostree install libXScrnSaver followed by a reboot.
  • You need to close Chrome if you don't want systemd to be waiting a minute and a half to shut down your system (relevant issue here).


Generate the repo:

$ ./generate-releases

This will create a repository with all 3 Chrome release channels (stable, beta, and unstable). If you don't want all of them, pass the ones you want to generate-releases:

$ ./generate-releases stable
$ ./generate-releases stable unstable
$ ./generate-releases stable beta

Now add the remote (you only need to do this once):

$ flatpak remote-add --no-gpg-verify chrome-local repo

You can now install the desired Chrome release:

# Stable
$ flatpak install chrome-local
# Beta
$ flatpak install chrome-local
# Unstable/dev
$ flatpak install chrome-local

After this, whenever you want to update the repository, you should run:

$ ./generate-releases
$ flatpak update -y # or whichever one you installed

Side note: updates may also appear inside GNOME Software after running generate-releases. I've never tried and am therefore not sure.

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