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What's Changed


  • Added swizzle support for @pankod/refine-core package

    • The swizzle is a command in refine-cli that allows you to customize the refine's supported components and data providers. It allows you to eject selected files from the refine packages and modify depending on your needs.
    • Refer to Swizzle Docs for more information

    Swizzleable components:

    • Authenticated
    • CanAccess
    • ErrorPage
    • Authentication Pages
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Register
    • ForgotPassword
    • UpdatePassword
  • Added @pankod/refine-inferencer package

Minor Changes

  • 0767d7a07a7 Thanks @yildirayunlu! - Added the useInfiniteList hook 🥳. This hook is a modified version of react-query's useInfiniteQuery used for retrieving items from a resource with pagination, sort, and filter configurations.

    Refer to useInfiniteList docs for further information. →

  • #3324 9bfb34749bc Thanks @aliemir! - Added the ability to pass mutation options to useMutation hooks in mutation hooks:

    • useCreate (data)
    • useUpdate (data)
    • useDelete (data)
    • useDeleteMany (data)
    • useUpdateMany (data)
    • useCreateMany (data)
    • useCustomMutation (data)
    • useLogin (auth)
    • useLogout (auth)
    • useRegister (auth)
    • useForgotPassword (auth)
    • useUpdatePassword (auth)
    • useForm (form)
  • #3442 8f2954611fa Thanks @salihozdemir! - Added swizzle support for @pankod/refine-core package.

    Swizzleable components:

    • Authenticated
    • CanAccess
    • ErrorPage
    • Authentication Pages
      • Login
      • Logout
      • Register
      • ForgotPassword
      • UpdatePassword
  • #3140 102bfbf3283 Thanks @aliemir! - - Bumped Next.js to 13

    • Added support for experimental appDir option in next.config.js to allow for the latest Next.js features.

    pages directory

    Current support for pages directory has not changed and will continue to work as before. It will be supported as long as Next.js continues to support and prompts it as the stable way of working with Next.js.

    appDir option

    appDir option is a new experimental feature in Next.js that introduces a bunch of new features. It is currently in beta and is not stable. It is not recommended to use it in production. But can be used alongside the current pages directory support.

    To use appDir option, you need to add it to your next.config.js file.

    // next.config.js
    module.exports = {
        /* ... */
        experimental: {
            appDir: true,

    Using appDir with refine

    We've needed to make some changes to the @pankod/refine-nextjs-router to make it work with the current structure of the app directory feature. To make sure these do not break the current support for pages directory, we've added a new exports at the sub path @pankod/refine-nextjs-router/app that can be used with the appDir option.


    To make optional catch-all routes to work with the app directory, you need to define them as directories unlike the option of defining them as files with pages directory.

    You need to use NextRouteComponent from @pankod/refine-nextjs-router/app instead of NextRouteComponent from @pankod/refine-nextjs-router when using appDir option.

    Inside your layout file, you need to bind params to routerProvider to make sure @pankod/refine-nextjs-router can work properly with the new structure.

    // app/[[...refine]]/layout.tsx
    "use client";
    import routerProvider from "@pankod/refine-nextjs-router/app";
    const Layout = ({ children, params }) => {
        return (
                routerProvider={routerProvider.apply({ params })}
                /* ... */


    Please note that, unlike the routerProvider from the @pankod/refine-nextjs-router, routerProvider from @pankod/refine-nextjs-router/app is a function and you need to bind params to make it work properly.

    // app/[[...refine]]/page.tsx
    "use client";
    import { NextRouteComponent } from "@pankod/refine-nextjs-router/app";
    export default NextRouteComponent;


    You need to add "use client"; directive to both layout.tsx and page.tsx inside app/[[...refine]] directory.


    checkAuthentication does not work with appDir. We're aiming to release a substitute for it using middleware but for now its not included in this release.

Patch Changes

🪄 Migrating your project automatically with Codemod

@pankod/refine-codemod package handles the breaking changes for your project automatically, without any manual steps. It migrates your @pankod/refine-antd version from 3.x.x to 4.x.x.

Just cd into root folder of your project (where package.json is contained) and run this command:

npx @pankod/refine-codemod antd4-to-antd5

And it's done. Now your project uses @pankod/refine-antd@4.x.x.