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Blog should do Syntax Highlighting on specific blocks #193

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If we want to increase adoption amongst programmers (our biggest evangelists), it would make sense to have an in-box solution to do some syntax highlighting in the blog module.

@simi suggested using something like this:


In our blog, I monkey patched it to pick up this convention:


in the text and re-format it into a < script /> include of the gist... (the URLs follow the same pattern with the ID.js)

<%= @blog_post.gsub(/\[gist:(\d*)\]/,"<script src='\1.js'></script>") %>

Would that work? Obviously we could make it more sophisticated

Otherwise, we could try to go the github way of surrounding in ```

def highlight(blog_post_body)
  to_highlight = blog_post_body.match() #=> some regex match for ```#{formatter}\n<code>\n```
  to_highlight.formatter #=> :ruby

I was just pointed at this client-side highlighter today:

Refinery member

Stale! If anyone wants to pull request please do

@parndt parndt closed this
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