Ability to Turn off Inquiry Spam Filter #63

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"I keep getting tons of false positives on a client's website, bad for business!"

Suggested by @hulihanapplications

@ugisozols ugisozols was assigned Mar 22, 2012
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This ties in with #88 - both should be configurable options


+1 This particular spam filter does more harm than good as we only discovered the issue after five months of over-filtered email. One in three emails it marks are, in fact, normal business enquiries. I find it quite irresponsible of the authors to release something that can damage business so much.

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Would you be keen to improve it (by making spam filter optional)?


+1, really lousy filtering.


or optional send spam report like "you have 5 new spam mails"


We disabled spam filtering on our site. Here's a workaround to achieve this using a decorator:

In app/models/refinery/inquiries/inquiry_decorator.rb add

module Refinery
  module Inquiries
    class Inquiry < Refinery::Core::BaseModel

      def ham?

      def spam=(value)
        write_attribute :spam, false

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