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@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ Just 'git clone' Refinery, install this as a plugin using:
You'll also need to create a page (from the 'Pages' tab) with a custom URL of '/search'. You can set a custom URL for a page in the Advanced Options. It's probably also a good idea to uncheck the 'show in menu' option for this page.
+Remember to restart your server.
A sample search form can be found in views/shared/_search.html.erb . You can either use this partial directly, or copy the appropriate parts.
## Searching in plugins
@@ -27,4 +29,8 @@ Any model you wish to search will need to be indexed using acts as indexed. To a
acts_as_indexed :fields => [:title, :body], :index_file => [Rails.root.to_s, "tmp", "index"]
+If your model doesn't use a :title attribute, remember to use an alias_attribute:
+ alias_attribute :title, :name #for example
to the model. Obviously, replaced the indexed fields with those appropriate for your model. The above line will add indexing to PortfolioEntry in the portfolio plugin, which does not come indexed.

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