2.0.3 - the "Search" function appears to not display results under certain circumstances #19

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The "Search" on the "Pages" tab appears to intermittently not display results. Using 2.0.3, fresh install, added pages as follows (no sidebar content on these test pages):

Title: tgh
Body: tgh

Title: Tgh
Body: Tgh

Title: TGH
Body TGH

Title: tghtgh
Body: tghtgh

Searching for "tgh" displays no results, however this is in the logs: https://gist.github.com/2286650

It appears the first 3 pages are being found, per this line:

SELECT "refinery_pages".* FROM "refinery_pages" WHERE (refinery_pages.id IN (5,6,7)) ORDER BY lft ASC

Conversely, a search for "tghtgh" shows the last page is being found (or so it seems):

SELECT "refinery_pages".* FROM "refinery_pages" WHERE (refinery_pages.id IN (8)) ORDER BY lft ASC

You can see from this screenshot, it doesn't display results:


Strangely enough, search for "About" works, and the default About page is displayed in the results.

Heh he... was it a slip that I put my wonky admin menu in there on the screenshot? Maybe :-)


ugisozols commented Apr 3, 2012

The search functionality you're referring to is actually built in Refinery CMS itself and this repo is for frontend searching.

I tried to reproduce this issue (using master branch) but I didn't succeed. See attached screenshots:

parndt closed this May 14, 2012

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