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body_content_title doesn't display in result page #23

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We are not able to display this code on the layout of the result page :

<% content_for :body_content_title do %>
  <%= t('.search_results_for', :what => params[:query]) %>
<% end %>

Do you know how we could fix this bug ?


I can reproduce this, but I have no clue why this wouldn't work.

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I solved this problem by changing the partial _content_page.html.erb and no more using the original helper.

<div id='body_content' class='clearfix'>
  <% if content_for?(:body_content_title) %>
    <h1 id="body_content_title"><%= yield :body_content_title %></h1>
  <% end %>

  <div id='body_content_left'>
    <%= yield :body %>

    <% if !@page.nil? %>
      <%= raw @page.content_for(:body) %>
    <% end %>

    <%= yield :body_content %>
    <%= yield :body_content_left %>
  <div id='body_content_right'>
    <%= yield :body_content_right %>

<%= render '/refinery/draft_page_message' unless @page.nil? or -%>
@robyurkowski robyurkowski reopened this

This isn't resolved -- let's keep it open until we can actually figure out the source of the problem.

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@Pym Pym referenced this issue in refinery/refinerycms-news

body_content_title doesn't show up #116


this is because search results page isn't present. Just do

rails g refinery:search && rake db:migrate && rake db:seed

to make body_content_title shows up and page not be marked as draft.
Mmh, maybe this should be made clear in docs (I'll do that)

@adamico adamico added a commit to adamico/refinerycms-search that referenced this issue
@adamico adamico Add more install infos to, fixes #23 67fb950
@ugisozols ugisozols closed this in 1aa8f2d
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