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How to update Refinery to the latest stable version

Refinery constantly changes as we add new features and fix bugs. This guide will show you how to:

  • Keep updated with the latest stable versions as they are released


WARNING. Check out this post to see how to upgrade to 0.9.9 from You can’t update from to anything later than 0.9.9 without going to 0.9.9 first.


First you need a current installation of Refinery. Refinery would have been installed by one of two ways, Ruby Gem or Git. When updating, the latest files are copied into your project.

Updating a Gem Installation of Refinery

Take a look at to find the latest version number for Refinery.

Edit your Gemfile to reference the latest version of Refinery.

gem ‘refinerycms’, ‘=’

Now install the new gems using bundler (‘bundle install’ is outdated):

$ bundle update

Use the rails generator to update your Refinery installation:

$ rails generate refinerycms —update

Database migrations and new gem dependencies may have been added, so finish your Refinery update with:

$ rake db:migrate
$ bundle install

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