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Whoa what were all those commits about? (Documented changelog)

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+## 1.0.0 [Unreleased]
+* New `::Refinery::Menu` API implemented which speeds up menu generation by many times. [Philip Arndt](
+* Removed caching from menu because it's so much faster now. Probably in future it will be added to `::Refinery::Menu` itself in a transparent manner. [Philip Arndt](
+* Deprecated `Page#[]` in favour of `Page#content_for` e.g. instead of `@page[:body]` use `@page.content_for(:body)`. [Philip Arndt](
+* Noisily deprecated many other features that still function in 1.0.0 but won't be present in 1.1.0. [Philip Arndt](
+* A hidden page can no longer mark the ancestor pages as selected in the menu. [Philip Arndt](
+* Rcov added to `refinerycms-testing` gem. [Rodrigo Dominguez](
+* [See full list](
## [22 May 2011]
* Fixed issue introduced with `rake 0.9.0`. [Philip Arndt](

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