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* Fixed a bug where `refinerycms-images` was trying to load `refinerycms-resources`. [#1651]( [Philip Arndt](
* Use new page part names (:body, :side_body) when generating extensions. [Uģis Ozols](
* Now extension generator will merge two seeds file in case user generates multiple resources for one extension. [#1532]( [Uģis Ozols](
+* Fix refinery:override bug where it won't match js files with more than extension. [#1685]( [Uģis Ozols](
## 2.0.4 [14 May 2012]
* IMPORTANT: Fixed a security issue whereby the user could bypass some access restrictions in the backend. [#1636]( [Rob Yurkowski]( and [Uģis Ozols](

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