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* Improved client-side responsiveness of backend and frontend. [Philip Arndt](
* No more RMagick dependency [Philip Arndt](
* Added ``rake refinery:override stylesheet=somefile`` and ``rake refinery:override javascript=somefile`` commands to override stylesheets and javascripts. [Oliver Ponder](
+* Restructed the project to remove ``vendor/refinerycms`` and put all engines in the application root. [Kamil K. Lemański](
+* Force no resource caching on non-writable file systems (like Heroku). [Philip Arndt](
+* Refinery can now attach itself to a Rails application simply by including the refinerycms gem in the ``Gemfile``. [Philip Arndt](
+* Added core support for ``globalize3`` so that pages can be translated into multiple languages. [Philip Arndt]( and [Maarten Hoogendoorn](
+* Refactored ``group_by_date`` into a helper method which is called in the view layer and not in the controller because it is entirely presentation. [Philip Arndt](
+* Applied HTML5 history pagination to all core engines. [Philip Arndt](
+* Converted translate calls to use ``:scope``. [Uģis Ozols](
+* Fixed issues where errors would only show up in English for some models and updated Russian translations. [Semyon Perepelitsa](
* [See full list](
## [21 December 2010]

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