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+## [unreleased]
+- Removed app/controllers/application.rb due to its serious deprecation. Fixed deprecations in how we use acts_as_indexed. [Philip Arndt](
+- added passing cucumber tests for search (available in 'Images', 'Files',
+'Inquiries' and 'Pages'). [Uģis Ozols](
+- [See full list](
## [02 August 2010]
- Added options to site_bar partial to allow particular components to be disabled (CSS, JS, jQuery or cornering script) so that they don't interfere with these already being included in the theme. [Philip Arndt](
- Fixed the schema file as it was invalid somehow. [Steven Heidel](
- Made search more consistent and added it to Spam/Ham. [Uģis Ozols](
- Fixed a bug with adding new resources. [Steven Heidel](
- Fixed a range of issues with translation keys and grammar between different languages. [Uģis Ozols](
+- [See full list](
## [30 July 2010]

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