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We also added --ident support.

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parndt committed Mar 8, 2011
1 parent 04902f6 commit 6fc94ecdcd9479e597210f18755ca917ffda8377
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* Added `<div class='inner'>` to `_content_page` for better control over CSS for each section. Please see [086abfcae2c83330346e28d1e40004cff8a27720]( for what changed if this affects you. [Stefan Mielke](
* Menu performance improvements. [David Reese](
* Removed `--update` from `bin/refinerycms` because it's no longer relevant. [Philip Arndt](
+* Added support for --ident in the installation task which uses ident authentication at the database level by commenting out the username and password credentials. [Philip Arndt](
* Changed the default `cache_store` to `:file_store` for better thread safety with passenger. [Philip Arndt](
* WYMeditor Internet Explorer improvements. [Philip Arndt](
* [See full list](

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