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+## [23 August 2010]
+* Russian language support (RU). [Sun](
+* We <3 HTML5 (better supported HTML5 semantics) [Joe Sak]( and [Philip Arndt](
+* Fixed issue with Refinery's 404 page. [Philip Arndt](
+* Fixed recent inquiries display on dashboard when HTML present. [Steven Heidel](
+* Better dutch (NL) translations. [Michael van Rooijen](
+* Fixed for IE and added fixes to WYMeditor from the core project. [Philip Arndt](
+* Added pagination for search results to the plugin generator. [Amanda Wagener](
+* [See full list](
## [11 August 2010]
* Smoothed the sortable list in the admin UI. [Joe Sak](
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