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+## 0.9.9 [Unreleased]
+* Better, more semantic HTML5. [Joe Sak](
+* Added ``role`` selection for ``admin/users#edit`` [Hez Ronningen](
+* Fixed WYMeditor bug regarding adding links, helped with persistent testing by [Marko Hriberšek]( [Philip Arndt](
+* Better ``RSpec`` coverage [Joe Sak]( and [Philip Arndt](
+* Superusers now get access to all backend tabs by default. [Philip Arndt](
+* Introduced LOLcat translation (yes, seriously) as an easter egg. [Steven Heidel](
+* Fixed several missing translations. [Johan Bruning](
+* Solved several i18n inconsistencies [Jonas Hartmann](
+* Made ``UserPlugin`` dependent on ``User`` which solves a data redundancy problem [Maarten Hoogendoorn](
+* Fixed issue with finding where engines are located on the disk using ``Plugin::pathname`` [Lele](
+* Add ``rescue_not_found`` option to turn on/off 404 rendering. [Ryan Bigg](
+* Full review of the French translations [Jérémie Horhant](
+* Now using ``mail()`` to send emails. [J. Edward Dewyea](
+* Refactored backend HTML & CSS, reduced complexity and added a loading animation when you click Save on forms. [Philip Arndt](
+* Improved the speed of the menu especially related to scaling through reusing collections rather then revisiting the database. [Amanda Wagener](
+* Implemented an API for the ``pages`` form's tabs. [David Jones](
+* [See full list](
## [21 September 2010](
* Fixed an issue with the engine generator that was putting a comma in the wrong place breaking the call to ``crudify``. [Maarten Hoogendoorn](
* Made the delete messages consistent. [Uģis Ozols](

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