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Exchanged (help) links for the information.png 'refinery icon'. This …

…will happen automatically if you used refinery_help_tag.
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commit d239bbad8c8a916c61d27329c4efd05cb7257f23 1 parent 6c7d61b
@parndt parndt authored
1 
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
* Added `:per_page` option to `crudify` for overriding the number of items to display per page with will_paginate. [Josef Šimánek](
* Deprecated `rake refinery:update` in favour of rails `generate refinerycms --update`. [Philip Arndt](
* Added `--skip-db` option to `bin/refinerycms` installer which doesn't automate any database creation/migration and skips the `rails generate refinerycms` generator. [Philip Arndt](https:/
+* Exchanged (help) links for the information.png 'refinery icon'. This will happen automatically if you used `refinery_help_tag`. [Philip Arndt](
* [See full list](
## [7 March 2011]
5 core/lib/refinery/helpers/tag_helper.rb
@@ -2,17 +2,18 @@ module Refinery
module Helpers
module TagHelper
- # Returns <span class='help' title='Your Input'>(help)</span>
+ # Returns <img class='help' tooltip='Your Input' src='refinery/icons/information.png' />
# Remember to wrap your block with <span class='label_with_help'></span> if you're using a label next to the help tag.
def refinery_help_tag(title='')
title = h(title) unless title.html_safe?
- "<span class=\"help\" title=\"#{title}\">(#{t('help', :scope => 'shared.admin')})</span>".html_safe
+ refinery_icon_tag('information', :class => 'help', :tooltip => title)
# This is just a quick wrapper to render an image tag that lives inside refinery/icons.
# They are all 16x16 so this is the default but is able to be overriden with supplied options.
def refinery_icon_tag(filename, options = {})
+ filename = "#{filename}.png" unless filename.split('.').many?
image_tag "refinery/icons/#{filename}", {:width => 16, :height => 16}.merge(options)
8 core/public/stylesheets/refinery/refinery.css
@@ -1369,9 +1369,15 @@ input.button.close_dialog:active, a.button.close_dialog:active, #content a.butto
.hemisquare small {
font-size: 0.9em;
-.label_with_help label, .label_with_help {
+.label_with_help {
+ vertical-align: middle;
+.label_with_help label, .label_with_help, .label_with_help {
display: inline;
+.label_with_help {
+ vertical-align: middle;
.label_with_help {
font-weight: normal;
margin-left: 3px;
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