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+## [15 February 2011]
+* Fixed Firefox issue with WYMeditor. [Amanda Wagener](https:/
+* Gracefully exit ``bin/refinerycms`` on error. [Alexandre Girard]( and [Brian Stevens]( and [Philip Arndt](
+* Added basic single table inheritance support to crudify. [Ken Nordquist](
+* Removed most of the specific ``--update`` logic in ``bin/refinerycms``. [Philip Arndt](
+* Added ``refinerycms-testing`` engine which reduces the main Gemfile complexity. [Philip Arndt](
+* Split the project into 10 separately released gems that include their own dependencies. [Philip Arndt](
+* New Vietnamese translation files added. [Alex Nguyen]( and Stefan N and Mario Nguyen
+* Improved JRuby support as well as the way that commands run in any ruby implementation. [Hiro Asari](
## 0.9.9 [27 January 2011]
* Better, more semantic HTML5. [Joe Sak](

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