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Commits on Feb 23, 2012
Rob Yurkowski Adds check for spec_helper to engine generator. ffd74d9
Rob Yurkowski Adds check for spec_helper to non-frontend engine generator. 9cdda07
Rob Yurkowski Adds check for spec_helper to i18n engine generator spec. 7f6f78d
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1324 from robyurkowski/engine-generator
Engine generator
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into ajax_dialog_callbacks
Philip Arndt parndt Using layout refinery/flash to render the flash message in a partial …
Philip Arndt parndt Added js to the dialog tests again. d7cda1e
Philip Arndt parndt Revert "In case Refinery::Setting engine is available copy migrations…
… from it too."

Engines can do this themselves in a refinery:testing:setup_extension task

This reverts commit abf9c1c.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into ajax_dialog_callbacks fe7aefb
Philip Arndt parndt Updated generator templates to match new conventions. c721932
Philip Arndt parndt Stripped trailing whitespace. d95a24e
Philip Arndt parndt We need a blank line before we append our seed line. 9125c31
Marko Iskander miskander Included the admin file to allow overriding for wymeditor options. ac09b8e
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1325 from miskander/patch-1
Included the admin file to allow overriding for wymeditor options.
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
Josh Adams knewter Get frontend page request specs passing
- Make Page.find_by_path lookup by slug.
- Remove specs regarding redirects since we can't do that anymore now that slug
  lives on the model's row.
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes #1327 by asking for the plural route and not the singular route…
… so admin_pages_path not admin_page_path.
Josh Adams knewter Work on the admin specs for friendly_id
- Remove unnecessary :slugged friendly_id config, since :globalize implies
- Add Page.by_slug method
- Add Babosa for ascii-approximation eventually
- Fixed one failing test, 7 remain
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1328 from knewter/friendly_id_4
Work on friendly id 4 test failures
Rob Yurkowski Removes super-old documentation (This stuff should be kept in API docs). afe4072
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1344 from robyurkowski/master
Removes stale documentation.
Craig Ambrose craigambrose Moved ruby code from _content_page template into helper methods (with…
… specs). Also added some comments to the newly introduced classes.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1304 from craigambrose/content_page_refactoring
Content page refactoring
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into friendly_id_4
Philip Arndt parndt Settings is no longer core fa6637e
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into friendly_id_4 ab0c3a7
Philip Arndt parndt fixed by_slug and introduced find_by_path_or_id to DRY up finder code…
… for pages.
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed the remaining failing specs for pages by fixing the testing syntax f651b34
Philip Arndt parndt Updated normalize_friendly_id and switched to alias_method_chain inst…
…ead of a direct override.
Philip Arndt parndt Outdented private access modifier. 7fcb54e
Commits on Feb 26, 2012
dmoose dmoose for some reason clearfix could not be overridden in the css da4838a
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1346 from dmoose/menu_css
for some reason clearfix could not be overridden in the css
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed the remaining failing page specs for FriendlyId 4 by specifying…
… babosa != 0.3.6 per norman/babosa#12
Philip Arndt parndt globalize support in friendly_id was moved to master branch. bbf30b3
Philip Arndt parndt Using platforms :ruby instead of unless defined?(JRUBY_VERSION). Seem…
…s more elegant, somehow.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into friendly_id_4 c64f53b
Rob Yurkowski Pedanticism FTW: corrects English in comments. 6c1ca01
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1347 from robyurkowski/master
Pedantic: corrects grammar in comments.
David Jones djones fixes several failing tests within a generated engine b1e2126
Philip Arndt parndt Made pending tests no longer be pending by implementing what was miss…
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes whitespace, again. If only everyone stripped trailing whitespac…
…e in their editors.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'master' into friendly_id_4 394dd32
Commits on Feb 27, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed a remaining failing spec to do with utf-8 slugs. 665dd4d
Philip Arndt parndt Made spec helpers more consistent. 5f511f0
Philip Arndt parndt Move admin interface init into init_refinery_admin and call this from…
… document ready and dialog success callbacks.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'friendly_id_4' e7f8523
Kyle Passarelli kpassapk Require refinerycms-settings gem c28adda
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1349 from kpassa615/edge_template
Require refinerycms-settings gem
Craig Ambrose craigambrose Ensure that page part bodies are marked html safe when being presente…
…d as sections so that they are not escaped when rendered
Craig Ambrose craigambrose Handles nil page body and title. Content presenter handles sections r…
…eturning nil html.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1350 from craigambrose/content_page_refactoring_fix
Fixed issue where html from PagePartSectionPresenters was getting escaped
Justin Fedick Ensure the slug translation if Refinery::I18n doesn't exist 07954ba
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1351 from jfedick/master
Found an issue with Refinery::I18n
Rob Yurkowski Includes ContentPagesHelper globally. 286069b
Craig Ambrose craigambrose Include ContentPagesHelper in all controllers as other refinery engin…
…es currently use these helpers
Commits on Feb 28, 2012
Mark Stuart markstuart Fixing preview feature 6ca6469
Philip Arndt parndt CAN HAZ LOLCAT?? no. 04bbc4d
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote-tracking branch 'markstuart/master' 4c0e7bf
Philip Arndt parndt Moved page preview functionality to the PagesController instead of th…
…e backend pages controller so that we can reuse the layout and get all the helpers that we're supposed to have on the frontend. This is more of a true preview.
Philip Arndt parndt Exposed a previously silently failing preview spec and fixed it. 30bb041
Rob Yurkowski Fixes wym whitelist syntax for core initializer template. 81c5d07
Rob Yurkowski No, what are you doing?! Stop! Stop, I say! (Fix idiot error.) c51088d
Rob Yurkowski Fixes hash syntax for wym whitelist core init template. 9441694
Philip Arndt parndt eager load translations when using .fast_menu to prevent mass queries. fd45853
Rob Yurkowski Updates Getting Started guide for 2.0. 688ceaf
Philip Arndt parndt Added installer.rb template which installs the current version of Ref…
…inery CMS.
Rob Yurkowski Minor textual changes to clarify Rails versions. 51325d9
Rob Yurkowski Minor textual clarifications. 5d36ac8
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote-tracking branch 'robyurkowski/doc' bc683a1
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Update app generator. 1181a74
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote-tracking branch 'craigambrose/content_page_helper_is_glo…

Uģis Ozols ugisozols Welcome view and some translations associated with it aren't used any…
Philip Arndt parndt Rid the world of find_pages_for_menu and @menu_pages. Goodbye, nuisance. b1ae7f0
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Move Refinery::Pages::ContentPagesHelper inclusion in before_inclusio…
…n block. #1353.
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes #1287 by ensuring that all calls that were previously /assets n…
…ow use the asset_path helper.
Philip Arndt parndt Added refinerycms-settings to the required dependencies for a form ex…
Philip Arndt parndt Don't double up on routes when the namespace is equivalent to the nes…
…ted resource.
Philip Arndt parndt Put translates on the next line than it was being put at which fixes …
…insta-syntax errors on generate.
Rob Yurkowski Updates doc for 2.0 to reflect new mountable syntax. 242842a
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Use regular expression to detect if current env contains 'production'. efc4da0
Rob Yurkowski Add annotation of repeat migration generation. 3005f45
Rob Yurkowski Add --fresh-installation, otherwise initializers from core engines ar…
…e not copied.
Rob Yurkowski Pedantically corrects tiny version number. 7fa92fc
Rob Yurkowski Minor textual clarification. 893e1c7
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1358 from robyurkowski/doc
Updates guide for 2.0.
Commits on Feb 29, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt Made the engine and form generators DRY by introducing Refinery::Exte…
…nsionGeneration mixin.

* vendor/engines is no longer used. It's now vendor/extensions.
Philip Arndt parndt Keep it civil 52c5722
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed inconsistencies and some usages of engines not extensions. 0711fb2
Philip Arndt parndt We call them *extensions* now and not *engines* f484734
Philip Arndt parndt finalize is supposed to happen, you know. dffb761
Philip Arndt parndt The form generator deserves to merge_locales too 744aae4
Rob Yurkowski Fixes url generation in seeds. 32d7cdf
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1362 from robyurkowski/generator
Fixes url generation in seeds.
Philip Arndt parndt Fix routing and plugin registration for forms. a5bbb29
Philip Arndt parndt Made locales a) work for forms generator and b) more consistent. 492ba0d
Philip Arndt parndt converted all usages of class_name.pluralize.underscore.downcase to p…
Rob Yurkowski Adds human-size max file size. 8ba0872
Rob Yurkowski Removes 'bytes' in all the languages I could reasonably guess. 33fe81f
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1363 from robyurkowski/numbers_fix
Uses human numbers for max file size.
Rob Yurkowski Adds human-readable max image size, too. 31321e5
Rob Yurkowski Removes 'bytes' from all languages I could guess at. 97c8595
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1364 from robyurkowski/numbers_fix
Fixes images human-readable max size.
Rob Yurkowski Fixes #1361. 0cadd50
Rob Yurkowski Re-fixes #1361. e2e78cf
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1366 from robyurkowski/resources
Re-fixes #1361.
Rob Yurkowski Typographical corrections. 3410cb5
Philip Arndt parndt Merge remote-tracking branch 'robyurkowski/resources' 0e57140
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed many problems with the form generator, no doubt more to go. 860854f
Philip Arndt parndt We are no longer handling the change in the API. b9cf8e3
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed frontend of forms generator, validated first string field autom…
Philip Arndt parndt Added proper directory namespacing to the forms generator. fbf8e39
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Don't need to assign to local variable. 9cfd29d
Philip Arndt parndt Applied painful lessons from running 2.0 in production to the built i…
…n mailers.
Philip Arndt parndt Ensure that there is always a 'name' field of SOME type. 363edb5
Philip Arndt parndt Fix foibles in the models that get generated. e8209c2
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Remove extra path => ''. 2651d0c
Philip Arndt parndt Fix more edge cases with the forms generator. e470ead
Philip Arndt parndt remove stubbed out things from the repo's Gemfile. 8f572d6
Philip Arndt parndt Fix locale problems and routing problems in generated form admin. f5496cb
Philip Arndt parndt Alias target_engine_path -> target_extension_path 61c821a
Philip Arndt parndt fixed generator spec for new mailer path 9cc2e01
Amanda Wagener awagener Close dialog when the cancel button is clicked. 8049a7e
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1369 from awagener/master
Close dialog when cancel button is clicked
Uģis Ozols ugisozols We're interested only in form dialog. f13bb4c
Víctor Martín eltercero Changing table_name from Symbol to String 999daaa
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1371 from eltercero/master
Fixing issue with table_name
Philip Arndt parndt remove the image key don't only return it. 04ed63a
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes #1372 by triggering the little x in the top right corner to do …
…its thing. It is also a cancel button but it doesn't lose its events on an iframe POST.
Philip Arndt parndt Refactor refinery:cms installer for readability. b654ee0
Philip Arndt parndt Added --heroku and --stack options to refinery:cms which fixes #1359 54d6e2a
Philip Arndt parndt We don't need Refinery::AppGenerator anymore in favour of installing …
…via Rails templates.
Philip Arndt parndt Added missing space between --stack and app name (#1359) 7638656
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Remove AppGenerator leftovers. f18cd4c
Philip Arndt parndt Streamlined the installation process by making refinery:cms migrate a…
…nd seed and deploy nicely to Heroku. bin/refinerycms now outputs instructions once it thinks the Rails installation succeeded.
Philip Arndt parndt Remove cruft from edge installer and update it with new options. 1dc412b
Philip Arndt parndt Clean up trailing whitespace. b3781bf
Uģis Ozols ugisozols DB migration and seed gets managed by CMS generator so we need to jus…
…t prepare test db.
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Remove --trace. 20632f7
Josef Šimánek Update testing/lib/refinery/tasks/testing.rake 9fb104e
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1373 from simi/patch-6
Update testing/lib/refinery/tasks/testing.rake
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Some updates to Getting Started with Refinery guide. fc3f05d
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Use proper translation in generated form. Closes #1375. bb2f080
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Remove commented lines. [ci skip] cf00cce
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Selenium is the default Capybara.javascript_driver. 5e2e70c
Philip Arndt parndt Switch to proper friendly_id gem releases thanks to @norman dcb84c9
Rob Yurkowski robyurkowski Remove reference to settings. 6e8dc82
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1377 from robyurkowski/patch-2
Remove reference to settings.
Philip Arndt parndt Added support for :date, :datetime and :time fields in the forms gene…
…rator which fixes #1376
Philip Arndt parndt Form confirmations don't work when there is no email field. 7ac545b
Philip Arndt parndt The forms mailers now actually send email, so that's a plus. e431b88
Philip Arndt parndt --skip-layout is not a thing, unfortunately. 16886bd
Philip Arndt parndt Mailer name was wrong in the spec. 9924934
Philip Arndt parndt Settings is no longer a core extension. 768c28f
Philip Arndt parndt Only people should realistically be here. 3555b87
Philip Arndt parndt For safety, run railties:install:migrations before db:migrate 0035c19
Philip Arndt parndt Use released version of globalize3. 2b4d805
Philip Arndt parndt Use seo_meta released. 25cbcad
Philip Arndt parndt It supports Rails 3.2 now.
[ci skip]
Philip Arndt parndt Always db:create before running db:migrate when generating a CMS. 0839ea8
Commits on Mar 01, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt We also need the installer templates, duh. 91494fd
Philip Arndt parndt Pass any other arguments into Rails so that, for example, -d postgres…
…ql works.
Philip Arndt parndt Used Thor's 'say_status' for Heroku output instead of 'puts'. Added p…
…g gem to the Gemfile when Heroku is in use and the database chosen was not postgresql.
Philip Arndt parndt whitespace....... 606b7f7
Philip Arndt parndt Get started on the changelog. fd15d06
Philip Arndt parndt Added vague warning. 55d7018
Philip Arndt parndt MOAR (and less) changes in 2.0.0 f92aca1
David Jones djones We made it to 2012 fd646d0
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Add refinerycms-settings gem to templates. 8b75183
pete higgins phiggins Fix typo and clean code a little. 62594c6
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1380 from phiggins/fix_error_message
Fix typo and clean code a little.
Joe Sak joemsak Add guard-spork '0.5.2' dependency to RefineryCMS-Testing 8cdcbdd
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1381 from neotericdesign/testing-add-guard-spork-…

Add guard-spork '0.5.2' dependency to RefineryCMS-Testing
Philip Arndt parndt Tidy up the users_controller_spec 12572a0
Philip Arndt parndt Added failing spec for #1382 54ea67d
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes #1382 by falling back to ruby to find users who have a '.' in t…
…heir username.
Philip Arndt parndt Revert "Add refinerycms-settings gem to templates."
Rationale: The extension does not do anything that merits adding it. If another extension uses it, it should depend on it.

This reverts commit 8b75183.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch 'issue_1382' into 2-0-stable bf4c68e
Philip Arndt parndt We can rely on the released version of refinerycms-i18n now. 5f9d93f
Commits on Mar 04, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt When link dialogues were being initialised they were triggering a cli…
…ck on the cancel button which was closing the dialogue. Moved to the appropriate location which fixes #1392.
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes #1383 by not using url hashes for routes but using routing help…
…ers once the :after_routes_reloader_hook has fired.
Philip Arndt parndt Even if you're not planning to use ruby a lot, RVM is still a good idea. 77662bf
Philip Arndt parndt 1.9.2 and 1.9.3 are acceptable cddb58b
Rob Yurkowski Adds new screenshot location for Getting Started. 5a79f50
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1394 from robyurkowski/2-0-stable
Update Screenshot.
Rob Yurkowski robyurkowski Fix textile error with nested plus operator. dcd4681
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1395 from robyurkowski/2-0-stable
Fix textile error.
Commits on Mar 05, 2012
Rob Yurkowski robyurkowski Update for 2.0. ea21867
Rob Yurkowski robyurkowski Missed a segment. d7d0d52
Rob Yurkowski robyurkowski Update for 2.0. 9f718f4
Rob Yurkowski robyurkowski Fixes the errors @ugisozol caught and I missed. 1fe8bd1
Philip Arndt parndt Remove html_safe from already escaped flash message. b622988
Philip Arndt parndt More fun with extension routing. Problems still persist but less of t…
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1401 from robyurkowski/2-0-stable
Update guide for 2-0-stable.
Dan Schuman quicksnap Broken link: How To Test Your Engine. 1d6a266
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch '2-0-stable' into issue_1383 28ff4bc
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1403 from quicksnap/patch-1
Broken link in Getting Started guide.
Nick Romanowski nodabs Rails includes the application.js file by default in new applications…
…. This enables the asset pipeline to work correctly. I think this feature should be included by the refinery front end as well.
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch '2-0-stable' into issue_1383 35cd164
Philip Arndt parndt Name all routes and reload the application's routes after appending m…
…arketable URLs which fixes #1383.
Philip Arndt parndt Fixes password specs after previously breaking them. 7eef36a
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1405 from resolve/issue_1383
Fixed problems with Rails 3.2.2 re: Issue #1383
Philip Arndt parndt Updated changelog for 2.0.1 release. a6c04b0
Commits on Mar 06, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt Moved --format Fuubar and --drb out of the .rspec for everyone, I hav…
…e it in my ~/.rspec now.
Rob Yurkowski Escapes email but keeps string escaped for multi-line output. 8f494dc
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Use ERB::Util.html_escape because h() is not directly available in co…
Uģis Ozols ugisozols No need to instantiate new user object when email param is blank or e…
…mail is not associated with any user account.
Commits on Mar 07, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt Formatted the code more nicely and consistently with the rest of the …
Philip Arndt parndt Just because we can squish lines doesn't mean we should. fc45607
Philip Arndt parndt I guess that the {} serves a useful purpose. 0c99022
Philip Arndt parndt Format TitleSectionPresenter consistently. 4dd71f2
Philip Arndt parndt Consistent formatting on SectionPresenter aaf4103
Philip Arndt parndt Consistent formatting on PagePartSectionPresenter 38471ca
Philip Arndt parndt Merge branch '2-0-stable' into code_formatting 4933a68
Commits on Mar 08, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed calls to super without passing arguments that I broke earlier. …
…(ht: phiggins)
Philip Arndt parndt Allow hide_sections to accept one or many ids to hide using splat. 0edb641
Commits on Mar 09, 2012
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1419 from resolve/code_formatting
Code formatting changes
Christer Edvartsen christeredvartsen Use NOTICE instead of PRIVMSG 000a4ef
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Load engine rake tasks because there are no extension tasks in Rails. 5d10aad
Christer Edvartsen christeredvartsen Added configuration option so that the bot does not join/part the cha…
Uģis Ozols ugisozols There are no bin folders in extensions. b32a28c
Uģis Ozols ugisozols require 'will_paginate/view_helpers/action_view' to avoid 'uninitiali…
…zed constant WillPaginate::ActionView::ViewHelpers' in some cases.
pete higgins phiggins Remove some optional dependencies from testing engine. 397aab9
pete higgins phiggins Bump factory_girl_rails dep.

Uģis Ozols ugisozols Add guard-rspec to Gemfile. 98a23ca
Commits on Mar 10, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt Use 'bundle exec rake' in place of just 'rake' 3b731e9
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
Philip Arndt parndt Bundler 1.1 is out 08d2592
Keith Pitty keithpitty Fix broken link in readme. 7d450af
Philip Arndt parndt Update guide is a bit out of date so removed the link. Unbolded contr…
…ibute and removed donate option because it's covered under contribute. Removed link from "Extend with custom extensions" because it 404s. Fixed other 404ing links and made GitHub links https
Keith Pitty keithpitty Correct instructions for changing page parts in Refinery 2. 5426abc
Matt Freels freels Properly emit an html opening tag for non-IE browsers. e577ed3
Philip Arndt parndt Added fuubar to the Gemfile. e2b3cbf
Philip Arndt parndt Added options --skip-db and --skip-migrations to the CMS generator ma…
…inly so that we can disable them during test runtime and so that people who need custom databases can run the generator.
Philip Arndt parndt Don't seed when --skip-migrations is requested. 8ec5227
James Rissler jrissler Locally this was fine, on an nginx based system like heroku - it will…
… look for these 4 stylesheets in a folder called refinery in the folder this stylesheet is located in. (so move these 4 stylesheets into a folder or leave like this)
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Add mising config options to pages initializer. Fixes #1438. c403b66
Commits on Mar 13, 2012
eugen neagoe eneagoe Replaced overriden protected render call with alias_method_chain whic…
…h closes #1447
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1449 from eneagoe/2-0-stable
Fix for #1447 for 2-0-stable branch
Philip Arndt parndt Email the owners and the changers aea5a48
Philip Arndt parndt Fixed edge template - String interpolation requires double quotes. 51dfd8e
Amanda Wagener awagener Link to extension list on website rather than AWOL wiki page. da95104
Amanda Wagener awagener Remove link to testing guide, as the link is broken. bd3879d
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Add failing spec for #1440. 89f05c9
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Explicitly set dataType to be html. #1440. 2efcb2b
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
Uģis Ozols ugisozols Add missing authentication initializer. #1450. 0996160
Commits on Mar 15, 2012
Mark Stuart markstuart Set page part positions on engine generation. 415674a
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1458 from markstuart/2-0-stable
Set page parts positions in order to ensure ordering is always correct.
Graham Wagener gwagener Geometry has already been converted to a string. def64da
Philip Arndt parndt Merge pull request #1459 from yogh/2-0-stable
Geometry has already been converted to a string
Philip Arndt parndt Documented changes for version 2.0.2 23c7bee
Philip Arndt parndt Added a forgotten but important changelog entry. 0a4237d
Philip Arndt parndt @ugisozols reminded me of one more change. 6ff3b55