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Mar 31, 2011
willrjmarshall Patching the resource_picker d93b148
willrjmarshall Second bug fix, upping the patch # by one so bundler will actually work 7da74a3
Apr 01, 2011
Jeff Hall Improve robustness of Page#expire_page_caching for both ActiveSupport…
…::Cache::FileStore and ActiveSupport::Cache::MemoryStore
Jeff Hall helps to fill in todos, even when tired. Ensure user is notified of u…
…nsupportive cache store on failed Rails.cache.delete_matched
Apr 02, 2011
Philip Arndt Remove one more place where core knows about pages and move it to pag…
…es instead.
Apr 03, 2011
Ruslan Doroshenko optimizing locale index size 880f1dd
Ruslan Doroshenko allow locales like zh-CN 599edef
Apr 04, 2011
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'willrjmarshall/resource_picker_patch' 9855200
Philip Arndt Use faster seo_meta 1.0.3 e9d9002
Vaughn Draughon Added proper calls to reset_column_information in the migrations c2957c5
Vaughn Draughon Added reset_column_information calls to appropriate self.down methods…
… in the migrations, small namespace fix for a missing :: prefix
Apr 05, 2011
Vaughn Draughon Updated so rollback STEP=18 works, better at least d0b41f7
Vaughn Draughon Fixed all rollback migrations d1cd5c2
Philip Arndt Document what has changed. 17e5999
Vaughn Draughon Fixed some locale related stuff in the page model/controller. Closes 563 7db3cc4
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'rocksolidwebdesign/master' 4773626
Vaughn Draughon Added all locale pages to sitemap except hidden pages and drafts. Clo…
…ses GH-585. Closes GH-586.
Philip Arndt Merge remote branch 'rocksolidwebdesign/master' 2684e8c
Sergio Cambra Fix overriding cache_menu, if cache_menu was enabled globally you cou…
…ldn't disable it in a render :partial call

Enable to override request.path in cache name, so cache can be shared for all requests. I use a top menu with hidden children and selected item is not relevant, so that menu can be shared for all requests.
Philip Arndt Now that we've sorted out our issues with memory_store default to tha…
…t for caching. Removed File.writable? test for caching (if you implement file caching you already know it's writable).
Philip Arndt Updated the update tutorial with a clearer warning. Closes GH-589 59fb7b6
Apr 06, 2011
Philip Arndt Refinery on Rails 3.0.6 (upped requirement to Rails 3.0.6 - see http:… c8bc1c6
Philip Arndt Ensure file creation specs clean up after themselves. ed89dc4
Philip Arndt Cucumber now cleans up files and images and destroys them rather than…
… just a SQL delete which allows hooks to run (like the ones that clear out the uploaded files).
Apr 07, 2011
Mark Haylock Re-enable cache when logged in, this avoids slowdown of site when adm…
…in logged in.
Philip Arndt master should be one version ahead. dcace7c
Robin Wenglewski fix for
…and others who use nested scopes in routes.rb
Philip Arndt Updated changelog for the impending release of 0a3bc84
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