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head fork: refinery/refinerycms
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Commits on May 18, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about new page part name usage. 260464c
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1671 from bobbus/patch-1
Updated getting started guide to add link to Using Refinery with an Existant Rails App
Commits on May 23, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add ability for extension/form generators to append to existing seeds…
….rb file instead of overwriting it. #1532.
@ugisozols ugisozols Add specs for #1532. 6c9ef07
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1532. 47f8299
Commits on May 24, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Allow to match js files with more than one extension like o…
…r in refinery:override rake task.
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1685. 9b8c16d
@ugisozols ugisozols To be fair Philip was the one who suggested better fix. 5dcd091
@bartocc bartocc add changelog entry
@joemsak joemsak Convert tabs to soft tabs w/ spaces 5a3e8e5
@joemsak joemsak Correct the private method indentation 29d81a3
@joemsak joemsak Use the page ID in admin to eliminate re-sort edit link bug b66bb6a
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1692 from neotericdesign/fix-page-resort-bug
Fixes #1390 Fix page resort bug
@joemsak joemsak Fix pages specs for new id in edit link e43fb8b
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1693 from neotericdesign/2-0-stable
Fix pages specs for new id in edit link
Commits on May 25, 2012
@Tranquility Tranquility multiple languages for pageseeds 969b793
@parndt parndt Refinery::I18n isn't necessarily available until 2.1 be6ff4a
@parndt parndt Merge branch '2-0-stable' into canonical 26fd31e
@parndt parndt Fixes #1673 by adding support for not including the record itself in …
…the nesting and passing :uncached_nested_url as the attribute to access on the record for its nesting. Sneaky.
@ugisozols ugisozols Add failing spec for #1673. ab1b4f1
@ugisozols ugisozols Simplify failing dashboard spec. 5aad5d3
@parndt parndt Fixes seeding bug introduced by me in be6ff4a d3dcb33
@parndt parndt Merge branch '2-0-stable' into issue_1673 c09d107
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix failing mysql spec by increasing nested page updated_at timestamp. 806601b
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1696 from resolve/issue_1673
Fixes #1673
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1673. 14aa588
@parndt parndt Match only &dialog, ?dialog, &width, ?width, &height, ?height which f…
…ixes #1397
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1397. ed84d68
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1694. ae07be4
@ugisozols ugisozols Support multiple languages for seed data in extension and form genera…
…ted seeds file.
@parndt parndt Merge branch '2-0-stable' into canonical 6e5bf50
@parndt parndt Revert "Fix pages specs for new id in edit link"
This reverts commit e43fb8b.
@parndt parndt Added tests, found bugs, finished canonical support. c642439
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Merge pull request #1698 from resolve/canonical
Added canonical support which helps for #1457
@parndt parndt Documented Refinery::Page#canonical in changelog e32ba57
@joemsak joemsak Implement Page.rebuild! so that invalid url cache is cleared on re-sort 174545f
Commits on May 26, 2012
@parndt parndt Fixes #1703 by downcasing usernames before saving them.
Note: This has the implication that all usernames will now be stored downcased.
@parndt parndt Call invalidate_cached_urls on all (via find_each) and make sure to c…
…all super on rebuild!
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1704 from resolve/username_uniqueness_case_insens…

Fixes #1703
Commits on May 27, 2012
@parndt parndt .each is superfluous on a find_each and invalidate_cached_urls is a p…
…rivate method.
Commits on May 29, 2012
@ghoppe ghoppe fix default template selected aec30b8
@ghoppe ghoppe @page is the variable name 11b0f1f
@ugisozols ugisozols Add smoke test for #1706. 9adbd71
@ugisozols ugisozols Reimplement #1711 based on @parndt's suggestions and add specs. b1a0b6b
@bartocc bartocc implement Refinery::Images#s3_region and Refinery::Resources#s3_region b77b0b5
@jeremyw jeremyw "View this page live" links to Page#url, which
is more reflective of how pages will be referenced
and fixes issue with pages with the same slug
under different parent nodes.

Closes GH-1714
@parndt parndt Renames view_template_options to template_options c234393
Commits on May 30, 2012
@parndt parndt Added ruby tags for ruby codes instead of shell tags. b159923
@parndt parndt Unfortunately spec/spec/config/environment.rb did not exist.. 8185ff6
@parndt parndt Added note about running the steps inside your extension and not from…
… your project's root and warning about rake.
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1712 from resolve/issue_1710
Reimplement #1711
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1710. a06786b
@ugisozols ugisozols Use shorter syntax of render. a9571a8
Commits on May 31, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1721 from terriblelabs/2-0-stable
Use Page#url to view page live from pages admin
Commits on Jun 02, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1706 from resolve/override-page-rebuild
Replaces #1702
Commits on Jun 05, 2012
@wenzowski wenzowski Authentication redirection bug-fix which fixes #1561
* Fixed post-authentication redirect bug where users would
  always be redirected to the admin root after successful auth.
* Added tests for proper functionality.
@wenzowski wenzowski Added session key check for unscoped `return_to` variable #1724 3e95485
Commits on Jun 08, 2012
@Tranquility Tranquility update pages to create translations a9ee9e6
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1737 from Tranquility/2-0-stable
page seeds translations into 2-0-stable
Commits on Jun 11, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Move flag links outside of title span.
Until now these links were disabled by expand/collapse stuff.
@ugisozols ugisozols Wrap flag icons in span. f3e199e
@parndt parndt Fixed page locale-flag edit link. 273e4b8
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1741. 20e80ef
@ugisozols ugisozols Add missing word in changelog. 5d71233
@parndt parndt All my one tests were passing. 6d850c9
@parndt parndt Let's release 2.0.5, shall we? f6b9599
Commits on Jun 12, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add tmp/pids folder. 58bb214
Commits on Jun 13, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Allow 404 page to have custom view/layout templates. 5cb2b93
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1746.
Commits on Jun 14, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Rails 3.2.6 automatically include url helpers from mounted engines in…
…to integration tests so there is no more need to include them manually.


@ugisozols ugisozols Fix deprecation warnings. 28ea0ed
Commits on Jun 20, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add anonymous controller route in spec.

Commits on Jun 21, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Need to check if Refinery::I18n is defined before calling methods on it. 2dee86a
Commits on Jun 22, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Rename all .rb templates which contain erb to .rb.erb. d0393d5
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1750. 0a5e13b
Commits on Jun 25, 2012
@markstuart markstuart Fix typo: Refienery -> Refinery 4505780
@parndt parndt Merge pull request #1769 from markstuart/patch-2
Typo fix in Getting Started guide
Commits on Jun 28, 2012
@magicienap magicienap Translate some keys in French. ea85b47
Wieger Hofstra Added .nl language strings for wymeditor. Closes GH-1760 9f91b3a
@gwagener gwagener Fixed plurality in documentation of Page by_title and by_slug. 6be15d3
@drifteaur drifteaur avoid charset errors when precompiling assets with translated strings 5bcff3a
@roryokane roryokane added missing i18n key reorder_content_section_done
I modeled the key contents after the contents of the key en:refinery:admin:menu:reorder_menu_done, “I'm done reordering the menu”
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix page reorder issue on Ruby 1.8.x. #1585. 309a6c1
Commits on Jun 29, 2012
@parndt parndt Allow rspec-rails 2.10.x fb3ea90
@parndt parndt Mock refinery_user_required? so that the crud spec can actually execute. a5428e2
@parndt parndt Fixed update_child_positions with spec for #1585. 406c961
@parndt parndt Cleaned whitespace d68d6ba
@gwagener gwagener Backported canonical_slug from master.
This is a partial cherry pick from bf0c7b0.
@gwagener gwagener Updated changelog now that Refinery::Page#canonical_slug is in 2-0-st…
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1784 from gwagener/2-0-stable
Updated changelog now that Refinery::Page#canonical_slug is in 2-0-stable
Commits on Jul 01, 2012
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Added Custom View / Layout Template guide.
[ci skip]
Commits on Jul 03, 2012
Kevin Bullock Factor copypasta out of Refinery::CLI#override ecb63ce
Kevin Bullock Allow overriding presenters 9b96ee6
@parndt parndt Refactor CLI code.
* Hash keys to symbols
* Avoided using OVERRIDES[kind] over and over using a variable.
Commits on Jul 07, 2012
@Va-alexander Va-alexander Update 2-0-stable af533e6
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
@gwagener gwagener Removed created_at and updated_at from mass assignment. ec81f96
Commits on Jul 11, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Correctly add all attribute names to attr_accessible list + make some
other refactorings to engine/form generator and templates. #1657.


@matfiz matfiz Added missing Polish translations for pages. f8eea4d
@matfiz matfiz added missing i18n PL translations for wymeditor ab53f53
@parndt parndt Tidy up invalid YML. a78b68a
@ugisozols ugisozols Add spec to ensure proper attributes gets added to attr_accessible list. c822fff
@ugisozols ugisozols Bump rspec-rails version and drop rack-test from testing dependencies…
… because we aren't tied to it directly.
@sj26 sj26 Use absolute require for version in gemspec cfdb52e
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Merge pull request #1815 from resolve/cfdb52e58032
Cherry picks from master
Commits on Jul 12, 2012
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Check to ensure render_with_templates? is defined when executing 404 …

Fixes #1795. When the error_404 method is called outside of the scope of the
PagesController, as it can be, since extensions also are extended, too, the
render_with_templates? call will throw a NoMethodError.
This might also be rewritten as a redirect to the 404 page,
which I think might be a better choice in the long run, but needs to be discussed.


Commits on Jul 13, 2012
@gwagener gwagener Revert "Use event delegation for detecting modal dialog links."
This reverts commit 8a457dd.

This broke existing functionality where dialog information would be stripped
from the anchor's href. Also caused issues where the querystring would start
with & instead of ?.

Please re-submit when the code does not have these problems.


@gwagener gwagener Fixes .../edit&switch_locale=en... bug with copywriting. 637be40
Commits on Jul 18, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols We don't need all crudify stuff for form generated settings controlle…
…r so write edit and update actions ourselves.
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1817.
@kandadaboggu kandadaboggu Initialized the @page variable in the before filter for preview action ac22a5c
Commits on Jul 23, 2012
@parndt parndt update_attribute is deprecated in favour of update_attributes / updat…
Commits on Jul 24, 2012
@roryokane roryokane added period to end of sentence in guide 8-2
testing on indicates that the period won’t break the link
@roryokane roryokane guide 7-2: revised Heroku config vars note
now the Heroku article link has its own link text
@roryokane roryokane revised much of Heroku hosting guide
* based on my personal experience, uploading an existing app to Heroku while attempting to follow the guide
* I deleted the part about adding the Heroku gem because you should have already installed the tool using the quickstart, and the app itself doesn’t rely on the gem. I know that because my app works on Heroku without 'heroku' in the Gemfile.
* I replaced the first set of instructions with a link, so the instructions are less brittle. They currently say “gem install heroku”, but Heroku now recommends that you install the Heroku Toolbelt and makes no mention of the gem. The instructions could change again, so I now only summarize the steps. I thought “installing the Heroku client” was slightly better than “installing the Heroku Toolbelt” because it was less brittle, even though it’s a little less accurate.
* I copied my added description of the Heroku quick start steps to the similar link in “Step 0” of the following section “Deploying an existing local Refinery application”.
@parndt parndt Fix p'arndt style fail 3b2ed1c
@parndt parndt Quiet assets in development mode please. edbd50a
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
@parndt parndt Fix Refinery#route_for_model by not calling singularize on an already…
… singular route.
@jkovar jkovar Fixes a typo in czech tooltip localisation 433e818
@parndt parndt Removed mocking from extension generation specs.
This was buggy at best and didn't work in rbx or jruby.
This also revealed the reason why we mocked in the first place
which was that the code was overzealous with removing /tmp/
from anywhere inside the destination_path which could be a bad
thing if someone's project resided under, say, /code/projects/tmp/
which was the case with refinery/core/tmp/.
@parndt parndt Only run one test task on Travis without the JS switch. c9c6bda
@parndt parndt Wrap :js examples and set DatabaseCleaner strategy to :truncation bef…
…ore the spec and back to :transaction afterward.
Commits on Jul 29, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Cherry-pick bb9c847, which updates getting started guide (fixes #1791). da82cd8
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
@manuelmeurer manuelmeurer Convert locale from symbol to string before using in condition 5ea8f3b
@manuelmeurer manuelmeurer Convert locale from symbol to string before using it in condition 426efe3
@manuelmeurer manuelmeurer Convert locale to string before using in condition e7bb7f0
@ugisozols ugisozols Use let! to create pages right away so that we don't have to create t…
…hem manually in before block. Stub config instead of setting it directly.
@parndt parndt Get rid of Factories in pages request specs.
In nearly all cases this makes the code more concise and removes an un-required
dependency on FactoryGirl.


@parndt parndt Swapped from before(:each) to before.
These are equivalent and the resulting code is more concise.


@keram keram fix missing template error and simplify code c6149b6
@parndt parndt Tidy code out of case statement into single conditional. 92b2e78
Commits on Aug 01, 2012
@keram keram sk translation for refinery:form 6b2a7c8
@parndt parndt 404 on unknown dialog instead of rendering a blank iframe. 49257e5
@parndt parndt Moved view method Page#title_with_meta into the view.
New Helpers:
* page_title_with_translations(page)
* page_meta_information(page)

These helpers apply to the Refinery backend when conventionally invoked.

@parndt parndt Refactored code from Dialogs#show into utility methods. 2b94065
@parndt parndt Fixed some whitespace and unrequired parentheses. 4d0f73b
@ugisozols ugisozols Add specs for page_meta_information and page_title_with_translations …
…helper methods.
@parndt parndt Provide a utility helper view_context#sanitize_hash
Primary use case: to sanitize Pages#preview input.
@ugisozols ugisozols Add specs for sanitize_hash helper. 6253962
@ugisozols ugisozols Move changelog entry about #1847 to 2.0.6 section.
@wenzowski wenzowski update rubygems per #1647 to avoid `bundle exec` failure on jruby in …
…1.9 mode


@wenzowski wenzowski only update rubygems on jruby thanks to @mpapis 97c2533
@wenzowski wenzowski add mandatory "language" key per travis-lint cfcc16b
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Rearranging Rubies to get Travis to run critical rubies before allowe…
…d failure rubies


@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Putting 1.9 before 1.8

@parndt parndt Allow failures in jruby because it is so unreliable.
Make sure to check them though.


@ugisozols ugisozols Before trying to merge tmp locales check if the tmp file is actually …
…there because engine and form extension have different locale files.
Commits on Aug 02, 2012
@parndt parndt Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cherry_picks_from_master' into 2…
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Merge pull request #1853 from resolve/issue_1816
Before trying to merge tmp locales check if the tmp file is actually there
Commits on Aug 03, 2012
@keram keram czech translation and bugfixes in slovak 5d92e35
@simi simi Update core/lib/generators/refinery/form/templates/config/locales/cs.yml
Czech form translation review
@keram keram sk translation for engine generator 153f587
Commits on Aug 07, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Sanitize form message before stripping tags and truncating it. 46cc2f2
@parndt parndt Clean up whitespace 9908305
@parndt parndt Update version to 2.0.6 609b490
Commits on Aug 08, 2012
@sirBertly sirBertly Update doc/guides/2 - Refinery Basics/1 - Changing Page Parts.textile
Fixed reference to new_page_parts setting
@parndt parndt Made changing page parts documentation consistent with master. 5866ccc
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Sanitize part.body in page_part_field partial. dea0e35
@ugisozols ugisozols Remove unnecessary require in ImageHelper. 4ecff01
Commits on Aug 11, 2012
@sirBertly sirBertly Update doc/guides/1 - Getting Started/2 - Getting Started.textile 3838b04
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Add failing spec for #1585. 1c5d0b7
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Fix reordering shuffle that causes 11th+ items to be moved upward in …
@parndt parndt Lock to sass 3.1.12 so that tests pass.
They fail on 3.2.0 because of sass/sass#482
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Add changelog to respect #1882. a930dd8
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
@parndt parndt Revert "Lock to sass 3.1.12 so that tests pass."
This reverts commit e714809.
Sass 3.2.1 is out and fixes the issue
@parndt parndt Documented changelog for 2.0.7 8aee326
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Merge pull request #1873 from sirBertly/patch-5
Adds additional instructions for using an alternate db system.
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Suggest version 2.0 of jquery-rails to prevent bundle install issues. 2505d48
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Don't preserve local path for Refinerycms (oops). 3e7d215
Commits on Aug 18, 2012
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Update jquery-rails before initial bundle install. e3e4325
@parndt parndt Clarify which version we're specifying. 48e0a0c
@parndt parndt Version 2.0.8 6f826f2
@parndt parndt Port list reordering fix to update_child_positions too so that nested…
… items are ordered correctly too.
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
@brenes brenes Added spec for testing that migration for a new resource in an extens…
…ion will be numbered properly as reported in GH-1885
@brenes brenes Fixing the regex used for detecting that a generator template was a m…
…igration (it didn't include final '.erb'). Related to the issue GH-1885 about bad revisions numbering
@brenes brenes Added spec to test that routes for the new resource are appended to t…
…he config/routes.rb file as reported in GH-1885
@brenes brenes Detecting that config/routes.rb already exists and then trying to mer…
…ge it. Related to the issue GH-1885
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
@sbeam sbeam Update doc/guides/4 - Refinery Extensions/3 - Testing.textile
the above changes were needed by me to get the dummy generator running under 2.0.3. I'm not 100% sure on why the engine.rake/extension.rake switch was needed, but it was. 

And as of this commit
it looks like we need `load_dummy_tasks` to get the, well, dummy tasks loaded.
Commits on Aug 24, 2012
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Update javascript guide for later versions of Refinery. d486456
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Minor edit to fix doc parsing. ea33a05
Commits on Aug 25, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Revert "Sanitize part.body in page_part_field partial."
This reverts commit dea0e35.
Commits on Aug 26, 2012
@parndt parndt Fixes #1897 by defining generator_command in all generators.
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
@parndt parndt Ensure that display none style is html_safe.
Fixes #1898
@rickyah rickyah Update doc/guides/3 - Advanced Techniques and Tips/3 - Using Custom V…
…iew or Layout Templates.textile

Changed line contained a typo, should be content_for, as content_for? is not a method of the @page object
Commits on Aug 29, 2012
@parndt parndt update slugs if pages exist, otherwise do nothing.
Fixes #1910
Fixes #1881
@jokklan jokklan Disable page caching when logged in to prevent caching the sitebar.
Fixes #1906
@phiggins phiggins Make running specs easier. 8898476
@phiggins phiggins Simplify a bit. 94041d8
@parndt parndt Added a testing task which clears the database before generating the …
…application for DBs such as s mysql or postgres where the tables may already exist and therefore fail at life.
@ugisozols ugisozols Run db:test:prepare rake task from spec/dummy in init_test_database t…
Nic Haynes Add label class css
Used for Featured, Draft, etc labels in engines' index

Commits on Sep 05, 2012
@parndt parndt Updated resolve/refinerycms -> refinery/refinerycms 41e9519
@tbuyle tbuyle Allow extra parameters to be passed when creating image. dc7653c
Commits on Sep 06, 2012
@JDutil JDutil Remove template that appears leftover from namespacing updates. a4d3e7b
@yule yule resolving deprecation errrors 229cd46
@ugisozols ugisozols Add help to refinerycms command. #1538, #1539. 8a1ae45
@parndt parndt Allows the help command to access the CMS generator when running as a…
… gem or running in development mode and included option aliases.
@parndt parndt Place UTF-8 encoding magic comments in initializer templates.
So that UTF-8 characters can be used in settings.
Commits on Sep 07, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1931. b4882d4
@ugisozols ugisozols In page seeds update slug for each page separately instead of using
update_all because otherwise it fails when using mysql. Fixes #1919.

Commits on Sep 10, 2012
@parndt parndt Updated changelog and made gemspecs consistent to prepare for 2.0.9 3c7c737
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
Sergio Cambra Fix selected class for locale picker faee4f2
Pedro Pablo Guijarro Fix spanish traslation 951f99a
@parndt parndt We don't run cucumber anymore. 7e217af
@djdecaprio djdecaprio Added 'end' statement to end of sessions_controllers.rb sample code 633f28c
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Don't run file merge commands in extension/form generators when
--pretend option is present.

When --pretend option is present no files are being actually created
so when extension/form generator tries to merge locales, seeds etc.
it fails because needed files doesn't exist.
@ugisozols ugisozols Add changelog note about #1916. bbfae64
@keram keram Fix problem with escaped quotes in html attributes and refactor quotes
by convention.
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
@darmenise darmenise Update doc/guides/7 - Hosting and Deployment/2 - Amazon S3 for Upload…

For some reason I had to configure my credential that way to solve this exact issue:
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
@parndt parndt Update doc/guides/2 - Refinery Basics/5 - Overriding javascripts.textile
javascript_include_tag exists, javascript_link_tag does not.
Commits on Sep 19, 2012
@keram keram refactoring quotes and add .html_safe where is necessary
@keram keram attempt fix #1826 and refactoring quotes (as in image picker)
@keram keram fix bug with not selected last uploaded resource after upload, second…
… fix for #1826
@keram keram Fix not displayed selected resource in resource_picker, third part of…
… fix #1826

Also quotes as usual.
@parndt parndt .present? was redundant. b1ddee3
@parndt parndt Use local_assigns for conditions access. f595771
@tsemana tsemana Fixes and adds regression test for GH-1892. Adds request spec for
save-and-continue editing.
@tsemana tsemana Adds regression test for preview after save-and-continue 6da9bda
@parndt parndt Fixed pages preview functionality and specs with save & continue. 9bf7679
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1948 and #1944. 493e9aa
@Matho Matho translated untrasnlated sk keys and drop old keys 166887b
@ugisozols ugisozols Merge pull request #1958 from Matho/2-0-stable
translated untranslated sk locale keys
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add regression spec for #1891. 3d1f478
@Matho Matho fix #1959 bad RegExp for fullpage caching in doc b1dda6b
Commits on Sep 26, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1891. f6e97f4
@ugisozols ugisozols Properly namespace locales in form generator. Closes #1965.
Commits on Sep 27, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Use proper key for zh-CN locale.
@Pym Pym Add missing translations for french a25db59
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix recent inquiries not showing up in the dashboard. 89827a8
@ryandeussing ryandeussing Adds info about Heroku config vars to docs
- adds warning to make sure Heroku config vars match Refinery env vars
- link to updated Heroku docs page from S3 doc page where appropriate

Fixes #1972
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Fix pagination in existing image/resource partial after uploading new…
… image/resource.

Since we call insert action from create action params passed to
will_paginate holds :action => "create" which is not correct and thus
@ugisozols ugisozols Add check to extension generator which checks if extension specified …
…by --extension option actually exist.

Also moved "appending seeds" spec to multiple resource spec file so
that all multi resource specs are in one place.
@ugisozols ugisozols Add note to changelog about #1967 and #1970. 604c754
Commits on Oct 05, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add admin.js to assets precompile list. 7734dc9
Commits on Oct 10, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Rename zh_cn.js to zh-CN.js so that wymeditor can use it. 95666d4
Commits on Oct 23, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add js override example how to get all wymeditor files at once. 8df02bc
Commits on Oct 28, 2012
Jason M. Batchelor Add model decorator guide. e3ed42f
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
@JangoSteve JangoSteve Updated the Google Analytics docs for Refinery 2.0. 684a175
@charlesdeb charlesdeb Update doc/guides/7 - Hosting and Deployment/1 - Heroku.textile
Small typo fixed. it was:

$ heroku labs:enable user_env_compile

but should have been:

$ heroku labs:enable user-env-compile
Commits on Nov 07, 2012
Pedro Pablo Guijarro Spanish Translate preview button 46b2727
Commits on Nov 08, 2012
@philippneugebauer philippneugebauer Add --skip-frontend and --namespace as well as a section on crudify. fc3fee0
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Correct commands and further clarify use of namespace and engine flag…
…s for scaffold generation.
Commits on Nov 09, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Remove invalidate_cached_urls.
It's not needed because:

* cache is cleared by after_filter in admin pages controller
* when rebuild is called it runs #invalidate_cached_urls on every page
and its children so in case user has many pages it causes a lot of
queries which increases load time and sometimes even time out.

See #1954 for discussion.
@ugisozols ugisozols FIx markup for one of the changelog entries. df6f21b
@parndt parndt Mention the minimum Rails version requirement for 2.0.x d115d11
Commits on Nov 10, 2012
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Modernizes full-page caching guide. Fixes #1992. 108e0a7
Commits on Nov 13, 2012
@ugisozols ugisozols Add refinerycms-i18n to engine template Gemfile. 2f613b4
Pedro Pablo Guijarro menu_title and previews tags added 250cbe9
Commits on Nov 16, 2012
@sdownie sdownie Ensure each engine is included for each generator. 7d7aff3
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@parndt parndt Modify the release date of 2.0.9 426701d
@parndt parndt Helps if 2.0.9 responds to 2.0.9 as its version. 4801329