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Commits on Mar 04, 2010
@parndt parndt Fix issue #47 with never-showing-up news items and where is this whit…
…espace coming from?
@parndt parndt Improve the generator's usage, readme and migrate message now appears…
… *after* generation is complete
@parndt parndt New Version e87382a
@TylerRick TylerRick Ruby 1.9 compatibility fix: add a to_s to the Pathname
Ruby 1.8 allowed Dir["whatever*")] but in Ruby 1.9:

TypeError: can't convert Pathname into String
@TylerRick TylerRick Ruby 1.9 compatibility fix for this error:
indexer.rb:18: Invalid next
indexer.rb:22: Invalid next
indexer.rb: compile error (SyntaxError)

This works around upstream issue:
@TylerRick TylerRick Fixed minor spelling mistake (set up and log in each require a space
when used as a verb).
@parndt parndt remove news plugin so that it can be an external plugin c742abd
@parndt parndt Document where we would place code and what sort of code to fix Issue #… d1c7dff
Commits on Mar 05, 2010
@parndt parndt Further prevent unlikely XSS entry points. Note that no code was actu…
…ally being executed so there was no security risk, but it could have possibly made the display on the dashboard and the email go a tiny bit funny.
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of cd7f479
@parndt parndt gem disabled for now a0e6a7d
@parndt parndt remove auto_discovery_link_tag for now 4d76004
Commits on Mar 07, 2010
@parndt parndt Fixes issue #56 where reordering didn't trigger a menu cache expiry. cfffe97
Commits on Mar 09, 2010
@parndt parndt Fix Issue #53 where app/views wasn't taking precendence over theme/cu…
…rrent_theme/views. app/views now override all other views which is expected Rails behaviour.
@parndt parndt small refactor 7699d73
Commits on Mar 11, 2010
@parndt parndt improve routing and syntax 641d193
@parndt parndt news items shouldn't be here anymore c23635b
@parndt parndt Make friendly_id a plugin rather than relying on a gem which seems to…
… always cause users problems.
@parndt parndt require refinerycms-news 0.9.7 c51e193
@parndt parndt update .gems file for heroku (thanks unixcharles) 86e197d
@parndt parndt Update instructions to explain how to use the news engine fa3a389
@parndt parndt update news link to new repository 035a72d
@parndt parndt Remove gem dependencies and install these packages as vendor/plugins …
…of Refinery core instead. This should save a lot of people a lot of grief.
Commits on Mar 12, 2010
@parndt parndt Removed act as state machine - we don't really need it. d322a8b
@TylerRick TylerRick Added config.log_level = :debug to config/environments/development.rb fc70bfb
@TylerRick TylerRick Set config.reload_plugins = true because that would make things less
tedious so we don't have to restart the server every time we change a
controller in a plugin.
@TylerRick TylerRick Changed authentication plugin to use Authlogic instead of

This makes it possible for people to integrate Refinery into apps that
are already using Authlogic for authentication.

For those who were using Refinery's default (restful_authentication),
this change shouldn't affect you either. Authlogic's
act_like_restful_authentication = true option means that users should
still be able to log in even though their passwords were encrypted with
restful_authentication. The transition_from_restful_authentication
option means that "every time a user successfully logs in and their
password is encrypted with the restful_authentication algorithm it will
update their password with the Authlogic algorithm. When a new account
is created it will use the Authlogic algorithm. This allows your user
base to slowly transition and allowing them to still be able to log in."

The User model is also a lot simpler now, since most of the authentication
code is handled in the Authlogic gem itself. This leaves the model so
that it only needs to worry about application-specific stuff.
@TylerRick TylerRick Removed unused columns generated by restful authentication.
(See also 96c28c5)
@TylerRick TylerRick Commented which methods in app/models/user.rb we can probably get rid of
if we switch from restful_authentication to authlogic.
@parndt parndt implement support for recent changes 4c4abad
@TylerRick TylerRick Made it so that users can by default log in with either their login or
their e-mail address, since this is a common and easy mistake to make.

Added a 'login_field' setting that allows you to ask for e-mail address
instead of login (the default) on the login page.

This setting wouldn't have worked to be stored in the database, so I
simply added a class accessor method to RefinerySetting.
@parndt parndt Implement the login_field setting on the Refinery module as authentic…
…ation_login_field instead of the RefinerySetting model, which reduces coupling. Also it provides a nice example of how plugin developers could create their own settings using Refinery module. Added a new file config/settings.rb to allow these settings to be changed per-app.
@parndt parndt Make tests work with the new authlogic regime 903c8af
@parndt parndt Update link to portfolio gem e0225ad
Commits on Mar 14, 2010
@myabc myabc Authlogic (with SQLite3): Make two db columns nullable
* Should un-break tests for both master (Rails 2.3) and rails3 branch.

Signed-off-by: Alex Coles <>
@TylerRick TylerRick One more place where RefinerySetting.login_field needed to be changed to
@TylerRick TylerRick Fix a bug where it would always say "Logged in successfully" even when
they weren't logged in successfully.

Somewhat confusingly, UserSession.create is not the same as UserSession.create will return a UserSession
object (such #<UserSession: no credentials provided>), even if there was
an authentication error. This changes it back to use save, which returns
true or false.
@TylerRick TylerRick The name of the text_field needs to match the name set as the
login_field in UserSession or we will get "undefined method a `login'
for #<UserSession: no credentials provided>" error when
Refinery.authentication_login_field is set to 'email'.
@TylerRick TylerRick Changed the error message to read "Sorry, your email or password was …

if they are using Refinery.authentication_login_field = 'email'.
@TylerRick TylerRick Added a warning for users who are integrating Refinery into an existing
app that has an Authlogic-created users table.
@parndt parndt Default login field is login to keep standard with how it's always been 1e6689e
Commits on Mar 15, 2010
@parndt parndt It's now possible to opt-out of the IE6 upgrade message, but please d…
…on't unless your site is fully compliant as we're really hoping that users will see it and upgrade.
@parndt parndt Welcome back, tooltips. e33afa3
@parndt parndt rendering tweaks to improve loading across browsers c97c559
@parndt parndt Add authlogic as a plugin and only run the acts_as_authentic block if…
… the table has been created already (this allows rake db:setup to work).
@parndt parndt Load authlogic before other plugins and set users to active when crea…
…ting them.
@parndt parndt Try to use title first but if title is missing use tooltip (which we …
Commits on Mar 17, 2010
@djones djones add analytics to github e46655b
@djones djones turns out github doesn't let you put JS in place d540527
@parndt parndt Update slim_scrooge to work as a plugin e1f3e41
@parndt parndt We no longer use authlogic as a gem but as a plugin 7dd4c88
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of 56cf219
@parndt parndt Remove state from users. Tests are still inexplicably failing. bacb704
@myabc myabc Fix functional tests to work with Authlogic
* Update fixtures to include persistence_token and setup authlogic test
  helpers correctly.

Signed-off-by: Alex Coles <>
@djones djones formatting improvement c744b57
@parndt parndt update slim scrooge to dynamically figure out makefile stuff and igno…
…re these files.
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of acc4ade
@parndt parndt fix whitespace a7822ac
@parndt parndt update to latest version of parndt/slim_scrooge 095ac3f
Commits on Mar 18, 2010
@djones djones keep a centralised method for the cache key 4043cd5
@djones djones tidying up things a little with the themes. 0b63e1c
@djones djones tidied up themes some more 1ef2937
@djones djones required option just incase someone wants to override the way themes …
…are selected, they can get all the environment info too to help them make that decision
@parndt parndt Provide an opportunity to inject code after the javascript libraries …
…are included but before any other libraries are included.

This is useful for example when you want to supply custom_wymeditor_boot_options (say you wanted to specify the translation that wymeditor's using, that sort of thing).

Use it like in this example: <% content_for :head_after_javascript_libraries do %><%= javascript_include_tag '/shared/admin/my_javascript_options' %><% end %>
@parndt parndt Update to latest version of slim_scrooge (thanks sdsykes) 9efbd21
Commits on Mar 19, 2010
@djones djones refactored load order for working out the current theme. Also save se…
…tting without bang
@djones djones Merge branch 'master' of 5339816
@djones djones merge e1b5601
Commits on Mar 20, 2010
@parndt parndt prepare for next vesion (not necessarily coming any time soon) 0557994
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of 25b4373
Commits on Mar 21, 2010
@unixcharles unixcharles add resource field type support to generator c7a80f3
Commits on Mar 22, 2010
@parndt parndt copy the new settings file if it doesn't exist yet ea5314f
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of git:// b5fffc0
@parndt parndt comment out differently fef9102
@parndt parndt RegExp matching here instead 3e9733e
@parndt parndt Better tooltip code. Now you can apply tooltips to spans using title=…
…'hello world' or you can apply them to anything using tooltip='hello world' (for example)
Commits on Mar 23, 2010
@parndt parndt Upgrade jquery && jquery ui. If you want this to be handled automatic…
…ally in your sites, make sure you include then with <%= jquery_include_tags %> as that's something we will handle on each upgrade.
@parndt parndt fix ordering in parents list db78a31
@parndt parndt update task now keeps jquery up to date 78e92af
Commits on Mar 25, 2010
@parndt parndt allow override of button text 9bc6e01
@parndt parndt pesky d059ea1
Commits on Mar 26, 2010
@djones djones fixed bug that caused rake tasks running twice from plugins in the ve…
…ndor directory
Commits on Mar 27, 2010
@parndt parndt adds some improvements and removes some annoyances. c4ade23
@parndt parndt updated yardopts and remove this plugin until it can be included cleanly d93fbc7
@parndt parndt new version (yeah, the last one lasted about 5 minutes, so what) 4aca120
@parndt parndt Get rid of the last trace of news and clean up some whitespace (pleas…
…e look the other way while we release another version) ;)
Commits on Mar 28, 2010
@parndt parndt Fix calling method but not providing the parameter required. 8798be5
Commits on Mar 29, 2010
@parndt parndt Fix for 1.9.x (Thanks to Nikolay for pointin…
…g this out)
Luke Brown Do not show blank password hint when creating a new user b429bf2
@parndt parndt include line break in conditional too a68eda8
Commits on Mar 31, 2010
@parndt parndt add default favicon.ico 663293e
Commits on Apr 01, 2010
@parndt parndt Updated version 78127d6
Commits on Apr 02, 2010
@parndt parndt This should have been how we always did it, I mean, we delete them al…
…l on line 42 so why find_or_create when we know they're gone? Also adds position.
Commits on Apr 06, 2010
@parndt parndt Fix pathname because of different interface in 1.9.x 0814577
@avit avit doc typo 720c7a4
@avit avit Changed to use Presenter for title information 78001bd
Commits on Apr 08, 2010
@parndt parndt fix spelling 6cbffd4
@parndt parndt don't titleize the site name and open the insert dialog with :modal t…
…rue instead of :dialog true. Fixes Issue #65
@parndt parndt new version 4f94aac
Commits on Apr 12, 2010
@awagener awagener Links in dialogs no longer open in dialogs 17d7149
@avit avit Flash should only be set after the mailer action succeeds. 38f45dc
@avit avit Prevent migration failure when changing null reset_code column. e00a39f
@parndt parndt new version with fix for core functionalities 7d0dec4
Commits on Apr 13, 2010
@parndt parndt support more presenter paths and add custom_title_type to the pages p…
@parndt parndt Just a change to the backend branding dates, disabled by default. e8dda49
@parndt parndt doesn't seem like we use these methods anywhere and password encrypti…
…on works without them.
Commits on Apr 14, 2010
@parndt parndt Lay out HTML properly and use :collection with render partial instead…
… of @collection.each render partial.
@parndt parndt added route to /contact which goes to inquiries/new - let us know if …
…you disagree
@parndt parndt Don't titleize here either 940d527
@parndt parndt rip out caching, it doesn't save us anything on production really whi…
…ch is when this matters, not worth the hassle.
@parndt parndt setting won't always be found so return only if it is c443fdd
@parndt parndt Give some love to seeds and the process around creating the first use…
…r. Now the first user gets inquiries sent to their email address rather than this being a blank field by default. New version.
@parndt parndt prevent images overflowing and taking over the document, when the ima…
…ges are not set to the right size through not being able to be thumbnailed or some other reason.
@parndt parndt ensure that we use the actual refinery setting here. 7aeffd8
@parndt parndt improve syntax eb29e8d
Commits on Apr 15, 2010
@parndt parndt another whitespace 5ceb926
Commits on Apr 16, 2010
@parndt parndt we're in your controllers, protecting you from 500s 8792d24
@parndt parndt Updated version c2ea042
Commits on Apr 20, 2010
@djones djones updating docs to reflect the use of authlogic now and not restful aut…
@parndt parndt Better paste support for browsers other than safari (maybe IE too). D…
…efinitely gecko.
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of 261450f
@parndt parndt new version 72448fc
Commits on Apr 30, 2010
@parndt parndt See contributors here
@parndt parndt split up the form partial into 4 partials for easier overriding but n…
…ot done on this refactor yet.
@parndt parndt mild refactor 203f7b9
@parndt parndt nothing really f37ade3
Commits on May 02, 2010
@parndt parndt change file path to the actual file. fe1e91e
@djones djones remove open/closed inquiry functionality. And replace with inquiries …
…simply ordered by the day they came in.
@djones djones Merge branch 'master' of 4604c1d
@djones djones remove old test d63a0c3
Commits on May 03, 2010
@parndt parndt update acts_as_indexed to parndt forked version to fix an exception f…
…ound while running in production mode and fix whitespace.
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of 74778b3
@parndt parndt merge in changes from acts_as_indexed master 26e9803
Commits on May 04, 2010
@parndt parndt Put privacy policy page underneath contact us page 3389b7a
@parndt parndt Add flexibility to be able to pass in another collection (of pages at…
… this stage) to the menu
@parndt parndt This is not an SEO option 558e30d
@parndt parndt Fix down for maintenance by loading the menu's pages. 9051cca
@josiahivey josiahivey Fix typo in readme dd12efc
Commits on May 05, 2010
@parndt parndt Don't need to scan thumbnails if the thumbnail required is nil 96e9baa
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of c7fe8ab
@parndt parndt Documentation -- also a new argument for jquery_include_tags for goog…
…le ajax stuff
@parndt parndt Prettify things a bit 27c6060
@parndt parndt change another image and make the update task update more files 93d3a2c
Commits on May 06, 2010
@parndt parndt Tiny bit of a UI update. Tabs are now rounded at the top and look mor…
…e like tabs.
@parndt parndt About time we had another small release, don't you think? 250a2fa
@parndt parndt Fix problems identified when testing gem installation, more files nee…
…ded updating.
@djones djones contributors file is gone so stop yard from warning about a missing f…
…ile when installing the gems
@parndt parndt no longer exists and shouldn't be copied. 82c9df1
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of df4eae8
Commits on May 07, 2010
@parndt parndt Increment version 4542464
@parndt parndt fix typo, remove toggle_status route which is not used anymore. 877d283
@djones djones updating todos f392a17
@djones djones Merge branch 'master' of fd8d95b
Commits on May 10, 2010
@djones djones Added site bar to switch between live and editor views. Small UI tweaks 4018fe5
@parndt parndt Fix a few places that didn't agree with the new ui e.g. edit screens. 056fbfe
@parndt parndt yield order playing up cc1feb6
@parndt parndt More tweaks to ui, increased number of settings displayed. HTML5 on b…
…ackend now.
@parndt parndt nicer padding 1180e2a
@parndt parndt You all can use HTML5 too a07b5d2
@parndt parndt New version, not long until 0.9.7 d6a644a
Steven Heidel Switch back and forth on same page (not thoroughly tested) bc8a42f
Commits on May 11, 2010
@parndt parndt Support jumping straight to the correct page in the refinery backend/…
…frontend using the site bar.
@parndt parndt slight changes to assets 6453720
@parndt parndt tighten up authentication routes and how actions respond. 365c137
@parndt parndt Use the themed version of the formatting css file in the wymiframe if…
… a theme is selected.
@parndt parndt Improve positioning of plugins on initial user create 11ac36a
@parndt parndt Don't need this assignment. 9ca1d01
Steven Heidel Fixed synthax error, get name on elusive contributor list 3a81297
Steven Heidel Fixed synthax error, get name on elusive contributor list ec4c92f
@parndt parndt Fix footer having blank white space below it most of the time 78e3319
@parndt parndt It doesn't make sense to allow the user to go straight from the thing…
… they're editing to the frontend version. But it does make sense to do it the other way around, so now users can only snap to the edit action for the thing they're seeing.
Steven Heidel Merge branch 'master' of git:// 409c700
@parndt parndt display block for IE 245840d
@parndt parndt Fix issue where plugins with name alphabetically before acts_as_index…
…ed was not able to use acts_as_indexed as it was loaded after.
@parndt parndt fix some logic issues (false ||= true evaluates to true always) and r…
…emove dependency on @page existing -- now you'll just get blank content.
@parndt parndt Of course if the variable was never actually defined then we need to …
…handle that too.
Commits on May 12, 2010
@parndt parndt Added bundler todo 526a9fd
Steven Heidel Merge branch 'master' of git:// b514750
Steven Heidel Lay out rake tasks 694d78f
@parndt parndt Switch refinery setting add/edit actions to dialogues and add support…
… for dialogues into the basic CRUD create/update actions.
@parndt parndt Modify test to support new settings per_page being 12. 680d492
@parndt parndt Whitespace adjusted. 5c9a62f
@parndt parndt Move page parts editors into a new partial for easier overriding with…
…out having to override the _form.html.erb just to change something in the page parts.
@parndt parndt consistent spacing 5bf6550
@parndt parndt google ajax libraries disabled by default, resource caching enabled b…
…y default on jquery_include_tags.
@parndt parndt improved display and function of the site bar. 59c9819
Steven Heidel It might work at this point ac285a8
@parndt parndt get rid of footer (clutter, unneeded) e94f5b0
@parndt parndt Welcome the user with a flash message and validate the new session pr…
@parndt parndt Added new login? method to check whether we're currently on the login…
… page.
@parndt parndt Customise the site bar display for different cases, added new logo sp…
@parndt parndt protect from broken objects in the page_title fcd0305
@parndt parndt protect against bad GET urls and change verbiage to Sign in 4cb862b
@parndt parndt try some new colours d0388da
@parndt parndt make consistent colours 0ec7d7c
Commits on May 13, 2010
@parndt parndt Removed hpricot as a plugin and introduced hpricot and slim_scrooge a…
…s gems instead.
@parndt parndt UI Changes, tightened up some functionality to improve user experience. 2e7b456
@parndt parndt mark as development version 38b8125
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of git:// 00e8979
Steven Heidel Finished up the rake refinery:update task (untested) ffb3cd0
Steven Heidel Started rake refinery:override 39c2413
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of git:// 795b46b
Commits on May 14, 2010
@parndt parndt better detection of login? b33f309
@parndt parndt cosmetic changes, moved more toward html5, dashboard concept we may o…
…r may not go with
Commits on May 16, 2010
@myabc myabc Convert application to use Bundler
* Specify authlogic, friendly_id, hpricot and will_paginate third-party
  dependencies in the Gemfile and delete them from vendor/plugins.

Signed-off-by: Alex Coles <>
@parndt parndt semicolon was missing. 274c758
@parndt parndt Removed rails_indexes plugin and add rmagick, mysql and unicorn to th…
…e Gemfile. Documented how to work with the new Gemfile bundler method.
@parndt parndt resolve merge with master. 27a6706
@parndt parndt update gem requirements (now that we've removed a bunch of plugins). b1cee29
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'master' of into html5 5e20ac7
Commits on May 17, 2010
@parndt parndt add slim scrooge to gemfile 927ab1a
@parndt parndt correct version selector and remove from initializer. d7793c5
@parndt parndt hpricot is no longer required here either. 4ee090d
@parndt parndt no longer need to add gem dependencies. ebb0673
@parndt parndt misc changes 7529651
@parndt parndt update task to update Gemfile too if it doesn't exist f5127cb
@parndt parndt fix spelling error bd0cbe0
@parndt parndt the object being used with image_fu may not necessarily respond to ti…
…tle as we added that.
@parndt parndt change how we generate gemspec for gem 0536798
@parndt parndt made better use of bundler 2d44b31
@parndt parndt merge in master, fix conflicts. 9106244
@parndt parndt reduce variable scope 1d80c70
@parndt parndt Merge branch 'html5' of 3bb7358
@parndt parndt rename jquery ui file to not need version number e47845d
@parndt parndt upgrade UI and update templates to take advantage of it. 98f7c13
@parndt parndt work on new rake tasks, converted everything to pathnames, updated me…
@parndt parndt Tweak positioning of site_bar in admin layout c22f56c
@parndt parndt update task now has to update boot.rb file too so that the new rake t…
…ask can work.
@parndt parndt should be updating to autobackupbyrefinery suffix. 9a42e31
@parndt parndt We still need to specify authlogic as it comes alphabetically before …
@parndt parndt Be very explicit about load order of plugins because other plugins de…
…pend on these ones.
@parndt parndt fix missing comma, oops. b57da3f
@parndt parndt add require statements to gem requirements. 05b7b71
@parndt parndt Added patches for production mode to include third party dependencies…
… there as that is the environment that we've seen them have issues on. Requies patches to the update tasks to ensure that everything stays in sync.
@parndt parndt Don't need / want this anymore. b46844e
Commits on May 18, 2010
@parndt parndt Fix bundler issue with test environment and in general dd7bd73
@parndt parndt update the menu to a new UI, again. dba69cc
@parndt parndt improve the recent activity by reverting to the old style of doing it…
… but giving it a smaller limit.
@parndt parndt better centered. 7d4f428
@parndt parndt add gems file for heroku -- syntax according to the heroku docs aaf9e84
@parndt parndt Changed versions on rmagick to a lower requirement. Hopefully we can …
…go even lower..
@parndt parndt UI improvements, made a new flash_message class which fits better on …
…dashboard for the welcome message.
@parndt parndt slightly bigger font in paragraphs. abbe08e
Commits on May 19, 2010
@parndt parndt Don't need two lists here 45301f7
@suweller suweller moved different parts of seeds to different files f7c752e
@parndt parndt get in a state where we can merge in another change 0ec50a0
@moretea moretea The source of one of the mysterious problems has been found! Not all
seed files were required
@parndt parndt Added in a seed file which gets generated when you run the generator.…
… This file is handy if you are recreating the database from scratch and the migration also loads it to be DRY.
@parndt parndt bigger spacing below flash messages. 004b696
@parndt parndt Changed /admin urls to /refinery urls. old urls will match + redirect…
… automatically. If you were using named routes then this will automatically work. Please take note of this change.