content_fu (or something similar) method no longer supported? #1628

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Sorry if this might be bit more a question than an issue, but, is it somehow possible to retrieve the image object out of page content? For example the obvious use case is when user adds some images and needs them floating in page content (so he cannot use the great page_images gem), but he also needs them wrapped with anchor tag, referencing to the bigger size of the image. I think the content_fu method used to be able to do that kind of job, but it seems to be broken by Dragonfly's from_path method omission. Thanks.


ugisozols commented May 3, 2012

I haven't used content_fu myself but by looking at the code it doesn't seem to allow you to do much with image aside from setting different image size.

Would you be keen to fix content_fu because it's really broken as you pointed out. Thanks!


parndt commented May 12, 2012

Damn this got broken by markevans/dragonfly@1a78209 but because we rescue from everything nor had tests we had no idea.

parndt closed this in 20c0169 May 12, 2012

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