undefined method `associate_parents' --- NoMethodError in Refinery/admin/pages#edit #2227

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Got this error when adding or editing pages ...........

undefined method `associate_parents' for #Class:0xc23e4c8
Extracted source (around line #21):

18: <%= f.label :parent_id, t('.parent_page') %>
19: <%= refinery_help_tag t('.parent_page_help') %>
21: <%= f.select :parent_id, parent_id_nested_set_options(@page), :include_blank => true %>
23: <% if Refinery::Pages.use_layout_templates %>

Screenshot from 2013-03-27 11:24:51

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@harsshhfs I've never seen this error before. Did you resolve it?


@ugisozols Hi ,Yes I was able to resolve it I am working on integrating cms + ecommerce (refinerycms and spree )
but its been 2 months and in rush I have not documented what steps I took to resolve it but you can clsoe this issue as it no longer exist ...
If I come along or remember steps to remove it I will definitely put it here.
One thing I know it only occurred after integrating spree and refinery cms by using steps from https://github.com/adrianmacneil/refinery_spree

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Thanks for response! Closing.

@ugisozols ugisozols closed this May 28, 2013
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