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wymeditor offsite links fail silently unless focus is moved off field #901

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Easiest reproduction of issue:

Go to:

Enter your title, and a body like "Put yer link here."

Highlight "here", hit "Add Link" button in Wymeditor, choose "Website" radio choice, enter "", don't change focus from that field, just press "Insert".

Dialog is dismissed, html tab shows no anchor links created, no change to text.

Follow same process, but tab away from the field after entering the website triggers a validiation (not sure if its ajax or client side), which puts up either a green check or red x icon next to the field. Then click "Insert" and the link is (often) successfully created. Note, the link will be created even if the red x icon is presented. Not sure if that is by design or not.

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Just a quick note - I can't reproduce it on master.

@ugisozols ugisozols closed this in 0421b86
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I just merged my changes from the master into 1-0-stable ;)


Thanks. Am I correct that those changes would appear in the 1.0.5 set of gems when they become available? (or I could build from a local copy of the 1-0-stable branch..)

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Yes, this fix will be in 1.0.5 and if you need it right now you can point to this repo in your Gemfile.

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