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Implement a code linter/formatter

Updated Aug 25, 2018

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Move to Shrinerb

Updated Mar 21, 2018

Shrine is a great alternative to dragonfly and it's not coupled from Rails.

New admin UI

Updated Mar 21, 2018

The new admin UI will be decoupled from the Rails app. We are investigating some techs like React.js or Stimulus.js. We already have the new admin design.

Decouple Refinery from its markup

Updated Jun 30, 2017

Refinery suffers an issue which is that it's coupled to the markup of its administration section. This complicates the code a lot and means that upgrades to things like new Rails versions are quite a lot more complex.

This project's aim is to turn Refinery into an API-first system which could have many admin theme implementations that suited different use cases.

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