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Refinery CMS

Refinery is the easiest way to build great websites.

Refinery CMS is a base Content Management System (CMS) and framework for easily building great websites. By default, it comes with the basic building blocks you need to rapidly put together a site, and it has a mature framework for generating new components if the functionality you need doesn't exist yet.

Here is what sets Refinery apart from the others (our guiding principles):

  • 100% free and open source.
  • Super simple and easy to use for your users.
  • Slick, clean user interface.
  • Modular and extendable with custom engines.
  • It's just Rails; there's no need to learn anything special.
  • Developers don't want to use a UI to build a site, and Users don't want to learn code, so Refinery keeps the two separate.

New to Refinery?

We highly recommend you read the guides on This wiki is not kept up-to-date with the above guides; it is primarily used to support the development of the framework.

Start by reading through the Getting Started with Refinery guide.


These are official and third-party engines that can be used to expand your site. Not all of these will work with the latest version of Refinery (version 2.0), so please ask on the Google Group or IRC ( until an updated listing becomes available.

If you would like your engine added to the listing, please contact @parndt.


Please feel free to add your work here.

Refinery CMS Logos

Use these high quality logos to promote Refinery.


Check out the Begin Developing page. We appreciate all contributions, large or small!


See what's been updated.


Find out what's scheduled for the next versions of Refinery.

Feature Requests

If you don't have time to contribute, feel free to add your ideas here.

External Links

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