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Get Started Developing for Refinery


Go here if you need help getting the source checked out.

Code Organization

The dummy app generated by rake refinery:testing:dummy_app is stored in spec/dummy. You can run it with rails server even from the root folder because the file points to the correct place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all the files? There's practically nothing in the app/ folder!

RefineryCMS is arranged into a series of engines. Most likely what you're looking for can be found in another directory.

Do I need to generate an app with the gem every time I make a change to test it?

Nope! Through some magical trickery the repository itself is almost exactly the same as what would be generated from the gem. Therefore, you can run rails server and test your changes in place.

What are the differences between what's generated from the gem and what's in the repository?

The only differences are that the repository contains some extra files for generating the gemspec, running tests, etc. Also, instead of loading the engines from rubygems, it gets them locally due to this line in the Gemfile: gem 'refinerycms', :path => '.'

Is anyone available to help me with my contribution?

Absolutely! This is the reason we have so many contributors, we love any help that people can provide. We even taught a contributor git from scratch, and now he's on the core team. The two best places to get help are the IRC channel and the Google Group:

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