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Discord Simple Groot Bot using Discord.Net
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I am Groot

Groot Bot for Discord using Discord.Net.

It requires Windows 8 or higher.

(See here why Windows 7 can't support.)


  • Say "I am Groot." when bot received message in specific channel.

How To Use

  1. Create your application in Discord Developer Portal and copy Client ID.

    (It requires when you invite the bot.)

  2. Add Bot in the application and copy Token.

  3. Download and unzip the program.

  4. Load "settings.json" with Text-Editor.

  5. Paste the Token in the value of "token".

  6. Change the value of "Channel" to the name of the channel you want.

  7. Save "settings.json".

  8. Invite Bot in your server.

    (Invite URL:

  9. Launch DiscordGroot.exe.

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