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Read Igor Pro pxp files from python
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This package has been superseded by igor.

Use the new igor package with the following to get the same interface:

import igor.igorpy as igor

Author:Paul Kienzle <>
License:This program is public domain

Read Igor Pro files from python.


Using pip:

$ pip install

Using source, download and expand the source tree, change to the source directory and type:

$ python install

Change History

0.9.1 2015-09-11

  • pypi forced a revision upgrade to update the readme; it won't even allow the old 0.9 version to be restored on the site!

0.9 2011-10-14 Merlijn van Deen

  • access to data object using in addition to f['name'] and f[i]
  • allow a data object to be used directly as an array, e.g., numpy.sum(
  • better unicode handling

0.8 2011-04-27 Paul Kienzle

  • initial release


When a new version of the package is ready, increment __version__ in and enter:

$ python sdist upload

This will place a new version on pypi.

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