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This is the repository for the blog on software engineering and Java topics.

This blog runs on Hugo, a static site generator.

Local preview with Docker

If you have Docker installed, you can run the blog locally with this command:

docker-compose up

or, if you want to have more control over the Hugo command:

docker run -it \
  -v "$(pwd):/src" \
  -p 1313:1313 \
  "peaceiris/hugo:v0.91.2" \
  server --bind --buildDrafts

You can replace server ... with the Hugo command that you want to run.

In any case, you can then browse the site via http://localhost:1313.

Local preview by installing Hugo

If you don't have Docker, you can install Hugo on your machine (version 0.91.2+extended) and then run this command:

hugo server

You can then browse the site via http://localhost:1313.

Contributing to this Blog

See the Become an Author page on the blog.