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This is the repository for the blog on software engineering and Java topics.

Running the Blog Locally on Windows

  1. download and install ruby using the ruby installer (I have used Ruby+Devkit 2.6.5-1 successfully)
  2. open a console and run ruby --version to verify that it has been installed successfully (if this command seems to run forever, restart the computer and try again :)
  3. in the folder you cloned this repo into, run bundle install
  4. run bundle exec jekyll serve to start jekyll
  5. go to http://localhost:4000 to view the blog in your browser
  6. changes to the markdown files should automatically trigger a re-start of jekyll (if not, kill the process with CMD+C and restart it)

Viewing Your Blog Post Locally

  1. copy one of the existing blog post .md files from the _posts folder into a new file
  2. change the name of the file so that it contains today's date and your blog post title
  3. change the date and modified fields in the file header to today's date (replace the +1100 with the offset of your local timezone to UTC; the blog post will only show in the preview if these dates are in the past)
  4. don't worry about the rest of the header fields, I will update them before publishing
  5. write the article in markdown format
  6. run bundle exec jekyll serve to start up the blog locally
  7. go to http://localhost:4000 to view the blog in your browser
  8. your blog post should show up on the start page; click on it and check if it looks good


bundle install fails with "zlib is missing" (Ubuntu)

Run sudo apt-get install --reinstall zlibc zlib1g zlib1g-dev to install the missing zlib library and rerun bundle install.

Contributing to this Blog

See the Write For Me page on the blog.


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