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Plato.NET Documentation Stars

Platforms - .NET Framework 4.6.1 and higher

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What is Plato.NET?

Making .NET apps awesome!


Package name .NET Framework
Plato NuGet Version
Plato.Async NuGet Version
Plato.Cache NuGet Version
Plato.Configuration NuGet Version
Plato.Core NuGet Version
Plato.Dapper NuGet Version
Plato.Messaging.AMQ NuGet Version
Plato.Messaging.RMQ NuGet Version
Plato.Redis NuGet Version
Plato.Security NuGet Version
Plato.Serializers NuGet Version
Plato.WinAPI NuGet Version

Getting Started

If you want Plato.NET, just open up Visual Studio 2015 and search "Plato.NET" in the Extension Manager.

After you create a project, head to our documentation wiki and get started.

Additional Resources

Contact Support

ReflectSoftware Website