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CustomCallout - a UICalloutView replacement for iOS

This is a custom control that you can use to emulate the look and feel of Apple's UICalloutView, without using any private APIs.


All the basic functionality, correct placement on the screen, support for Retina.



  • iOS 3.0 SDK or later, demo project is using iOS 4.1 SDK.
  • QuartzCore framework.

How to Use

  1. Copy the images, CustomCallout.* and UIView+position.h to your project
  2. Add the control as:
 CustomCallout* cc = [[CustomCallout alloc] initWithAnchor:p text:@"Test Callout!" delegate:self param:sender];
 [cc showWithAnimationInParent:self.view];
 [cc release];
  1. Profit!


CustomCallout is released under MIT License.