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@andyfaff andyfaff released this Jun 7, 2019 · 20 commits to master since this release


  • print human readable output when fitting with the Jupyter interactive
  • added shgo and dual_annealing minimiser options to the refnx gui.
  • SLD calculator retains state between viewings.
  • Added dialogue to adjust optimisation parameters.
  • Fixed bug in export of MCMC code fragment, Gui would crash.
  • Autocorrelation plot produced from code fragment, this can be used to
    judge how much to thin the chains by.
  • refnx.analysis now possesses a standalone function, autocorrelation_chain
    for calculating chain autocorrelation. Previously the calculation had to be
    done using a CurveFitter instance.
  • Function for calculating autocorrelation time made visible as:
    refnx.analysis.integrated_time. You should pass the autocorrelation array
    to this function.
  • GUI can now export an ASCII file representing the model SLD curve.
  • BUG: when the GUI saves a model it should pickle a ReflectModel. It wasn't
    doing this, it was pickling a DataObject. This has now been fixed, but the
    fix affects back compatibility.
  • GUI can now do MCMC sampling
  • Add option to change context of Mapwrapper (spawn/fork/forkserver)
  • BUG: when loading (not refreshing) a dataset that was already loaded, the
    associated model was lost. (GH331)
  • Added a progress bar for batch fitting.
  • Speeded up batch fitting
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